November 20, 2008 11:00 ET

Mufin Releases Public Beta of First-of-Its-Kind Music Discovery Engine

Mufin's Advanced Audio Fingerprinting Technology Enables Music Fans to Expand Their Musical Horizons and Find New Artists and Songs Regardless of Geography or Popularity

BERLIN--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - Mufin, a new music discovery site that enables music lovers to tap into entirely new artists and songs regardless of their geography or popularity, announced the official release of its public beta at

Mufin brings a fresh approach to music discovery with its advanced audio 'fingerprinting' technology that presents music recommendations based on a song's unique musical characteristics, such as tempo, instruments, sound density, and rhythm structure. Consequently, mufin's music recommendations are based solely on the musical components, resulting in greater diversity in discovery compared with traditional applications that are based on mainstream popularity, community recommendations and subjective editorial references.

Over four million songs have been indexed and cataloged in mufin's database; and in a future release music fans and independent artists will be able to upload their own music to further open mufin's library to a wealth of underground, global, and independent music.

The new public beta release contains several key enhancements added since the private beta version, including:

--  Mufin for Facebook: Similar to the existing mufin widget for MySpace,
    Facebook users can now access mufin's discovery interface and song catalog
    right from their Facebook page. Music fans can show off their new music
    discoveries by posting them on their own profile, or sharing songs on a
    friend's Discovery Wall.
--  Mufin for iTunes: iTunes users are able to use mufin's discovery and
    playlist generation engine. Users simply select any track in their iTunes
    library and mufin creates a playlist of similar sounding tracks based on
    each song's unique fingerprint. Unlike other playlist generators that rely
    on metadata or an artist's popularity, mufin's playlist and recommendation
    technology is based on the music itself -- so even self-produced music can
    be used to inspire a new playlist.
--  Additionally, the mufin website features other key enhancements --
    such as the ability to share newly discovered tracks with friends through
    email. New feature also includes saving of playlists and notepads, the
    ability to zoom album covers, editorial band and music recommendations from
    the mufin team, and more.

To get started, select one of your favorite songs at Mufin automatically compares its key audio properties to other songs in the database, and instantly the discovery engine displays a list of similar sounding tracks based on an advanced algorithm that analyzes songs' fingerprints. Users can share discoveries with friends, check out what other people are discovering on the mufin dashboards, create playlists, and most of importantly, uncover great music.

About mufin:

Mufin's music technology is based on DSP analysis and fingerprints, which identifies, introduces and showcases music from all over the world to people looking for something new and specific to their taste. With mufin's music recommendation and recognition technology, only the sound of the song matters and not its popularity, origin or subjective grouping. Mufin empowers companies to monitor music usage and help their customers rediscover and manage their music collections in a new way using automated playlist creation, visual music navigation or automatic repair of incomplete or missing meta information in digital music files. Mufin's recommendation and recognition technologies work where your music is, whether it's on the desktop, online or mobile device. Founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute and located in Berlin (Germany), mufin is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MAGIX AG.

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