November 20, 2008 11:01 ET

Mufin's Award-Winning Audio Recognition and Music Recommendation Technology Gives Online Music Stores and Mobile Industry Players Powerful Opportunities for Differentiation and Added Revenue

Mufin's Advanced Music Recommendation, Playlist Generation, and Visual Music Navigation Give Consumers Fast and Easy Access to Content Across Online Services and Mobile Devices

BERLIN--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - Mufin is licensing its patented audio identification, navigation, and recommendation technology to digital music stores, mobile service providers, and mobile device vendors around the world. By making music easy to discover, identify, find, and manage, mufin's award-winning tools enable a new generation of sticky services and added revenue streams.

At the heart of mufin's music discovery and recommendation solution is its sophisticated audio fingerprinting technology that was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute, the creators of the MP3 format. Mufin creates a unique 'fingerprint' for each song based on more than 40 characteristics such as tempo, instruments, sound density, and rhythm structure; this 'fingerprint' enables a wide range of value-added music discovery and navigation services.

Mufin audioscout provides personalized music recommendations based on a song's fingerprint to encourage greater diversity in music discovery compared with traditional music discovery applications that are based on mainstream popularity and community recommendations. Audioscout can be integrated into any online music shop or online-enabled device to boost sales, promote less well-known artists, unleash the full back catalog, and give customers music recommendations that really matter to them.

With mufin audioid, consumers can instantly identify music they like based on a short audio sample that can even include background noise and distortion -- such as when recording on a mobile phone at a club. Mufin audioid can also be used to automatically trace and analyze audio streams in real time, giving providers an alternative solution to copyright protection and a new way to monitor content usage for pay-per-use business models.

Mufin audiogen creates perfect playlists at the press of a button. Based on mufin's audio fingerprinting technology, audiogen perfectly matches a customer's mood, crossing genres and eras to help them rediscover forgotten favorites in their digital music collection. This user-friendly application can work offline and on devices with limited memory and processing power -- making it an ideal value-add for mobile devices, such as handsets or MP3 players.

With mufin vision, mobile service providers and device vendors can give their customers the power to display entire musical collections in a single view for easy and fast access to songs. This innovative visual approach solves the challenge of managing vast digital music libraries with traditional pre-digital navigation tools like sorting by artist and title.

Mufin's audiogen, audioscout, audioid, and vision can be licensed individually or as a package. Mufin solutions can be deployed across devices, including but not limited to: mobile devices, portable devices, CE devices, satellite-connected car stereos, and PCs, as well as Internet services such as digital music stores or video sites. Additionally, the technology covers all platforms -- Symbian, Java, Linux, MacOS, WinOS, as well as several embedded proprietary operating systems.

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Mufin's music technology is based on DSP analysis and fingerprints, which identifies, introduces and showcases music from all over the world to people looking for something new and specific to their taste. With mufin's music recommendation and recognition technology, only the sound of the song matters and not its popularity, origin, or subjective grouping. Mufin empowers companies to monitor music usage and help their customers rediscover and manage their music collections in a new way using automated playlist creation, visual music navigation or automatic repair of incomplete or missing meta information in digital music files. Mufin's recommendation and recognition technologies work where your music is, whether it's on the desktop, online or mobile device. Founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute and located in Berlin (Germany), mufin is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MAGIX AG.

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