Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

September 26, 2007 13:39 ET

NDP Commitments Make Life Affordable in Municipalities Across the Province

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 26, 2007) - Municipalities across Ontario are struggling with shortfalls not addressed by the broken promises and reannouncements of the McGuinty government. Only Howard Hampton has a concrete plan for supporting municipalities.

Last week, Howard Hampton announced the NDP's key commitments that would make life more affordable for working families and ease budget pressures on municipalities.

The NDP's Six Commitments will:

Make life more affordable for today's working families:

- keep property taxes down and freeze transit fares by establishing a "Fair Deal for Municipalities" http://ontariondp.com/hampton-will-deliver-fair-deal-municipalities-fami

- upload 50% of transit operating costs beginning in January 2008

- upload court service costs beginning in January 2008

- honour cost sharing agreements beginning in January 2008

- begin to build Transit City and other transit programs immediately, not sometime after the next election

- provide a health tax rebate of up to $450 for every individual earning less than $80,000 a year - saving up to $900 for two-income families

- reduce home energy bills by providing energy efficiency and conservation incentives and loans and grants for home retrofits

Protect our health and environment:

- establish a Right-to-Know law that ensures families know what toxins and other environmental hazards are in our food, air, ground and water

- fight global warming by shutting down Ontario's biggest polluter - the Nanticoke coal plant - by 2011, and investing in safe, green, renewable energy instead of nuclear mega-schemes

- fight smog that causes thousands of premature deaths

- fast-track public transit expansion - including new investments in light rail and GO Transit - to reduce greenhouse gases the quickest

Make sure all kids get the education they deserve:

- stop forcing parents to raise money for school essentials

- provide resources needed by children with autism and special needs

- expand early childhood education to include full day junior and senior kindergarten and expand ESL

Remove barriers to university, college and training:

- Immediately roll back university and college tuition fees to pre-McGuinty levels - a savings on average of $460 for university students and $200 for college students

- freeze tuition fees following the roll back

- eliminate classroom fees, averaging $400, for apprenticeship programs

Reduce hospital waits and improve health care:

- certify internationally-trained doctors to practice in Ontario

- expand home care and guarantee a daily minimum of 3 1/2 hours of personal care in long-term care homes to take the pressure off hospitals, ERs and family caregivers

- ensure that every provincial health dollar is invested in public health care - not private hospitals

Ensure a fair day's pay for a hard day's work:

- raise the minimum wage immediately to $10 an hour

- roll back Dalton McGuinty's extravagant $40,000 pay raise

- put people's jobs first, taking action to protect good jobs and ensure - as other jurisdictions have done - that plants are not shut down at the expense of workers' benefits, pensions, and severance

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