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October 08, 2007 09:00 ET

NOKA Chocolate Gets Into the Holiday Spirit With Its Holiday Snowflake Gift Bags

Give a Gift of Luxury This Holiday Season

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 8, 2007) - Award-winning chocolatier NOKA Chocolate announces the availability of its Holiday Snowflake Gift Bags in November which will accompany its Limited Edition Holiday Snowflake Keepsake Boxes.

These beautiful, chic, white glossy bags embellished with cool blue snowflakes are the perfect accessory to NOKA Chocolate's Holiday Snowflake Keepsake Boxes. NOKA Chocolate believes in creating memorable moments through gift giving, and has made every effort possible to add to your celebration this year with its Holiday Snowflake Collection.

Get ready to give a gift of pure luxury. The ceremony of gift giving is one to be cherished. NOKA Chocolate knows that you want to present someone important to you with only the best, for when you give the very best the recipient will always remember that special moment. This is why NOKA Chocolate not only obsesses over the quality and purity of its single-estate chocolates, but the artistic quality in which its pure chocolate is presented.

Always the perfect gift, NOKA Chocolate's fine, single-estate chocolates delicately hand-placed in their celebratory, white jewelry-styled Snowflake Boxes and given in their glossy white Snowflake Gift Bags will put anyone in the holiday spirit this season.

Each of NOKA Chocolate's collections is a compilation of the finest single-estate dark chocolates and truffles, optimally sized to deliver the ultimate tasting experience. The different types of cacao, and the terroir effect from each estate, offers an incredibly unique and delectable sensation.

With each collection NOKA Chocolate includes their Optimal Tasting Guide and Flavor Profiles to enhance the experience. The guide encourages people to take time out of their busy schedules to slow down, indulge and savor every minute. "NOKA Chocolate's passion is to create magical moments and memories with pure, unadulterated, single-estate dark chocolate and truffles," says Katrina Merrem, NOKA Chocolate's Chocolatier.

NOKA's Collections can be purchased at the chocolatier's boutiques in the Victory Park area of Dallas, Texas and in Tokyo Midtown, Japan. NOKA Chocolate can also be purchased at select Neiman Marcus locations, as well as on the NOKA Chocolate website

NOKA Chocolate was ranked '#1 luxury chocolate in the world' by the food editors of TASTE, and 'Best Chocolate in America' by The Nikkei.

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