June 01, 2009 08:00 ET

NTI Newmerical Inc. Has a Good Q1 and Is in the News in the USA

Attention Business/Financial Editors

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 1, 2009) - Newmerical Technologies International (NTI) (TSX VENTURE:CFD) is pleased to announce that after an excellent performance in 2008 it has been able to secure important sales in Q1'09 despite the global economic crisis.

Contributing to this success in the aerospace market is the renewed confidence in its in-flight icing simulation system (www.newmerical.com) from Eurocopter (France), GE Global Research (USA), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) and Williams International (USA) that have acquired a new license or updated their current maintenance. More renewals are expected in the second quarter from several other major companies and institutions in Canada, USA and Europe. NTI is also pleased to announce Piaggio (Italy) as a new customer, as well as the Agency for Defense Development in cooperation with Gyeonsang National University (South Korea). A significant contract has been signed and will start in Q2 with a Chinese commercial aerospace entity that prefers anonymity.

Besides continuing success with established aerospace corporations, it is clear that NTI's product have become the choice of all companies starting from a clean sheet aircraft or engine, unencumbered by legacy technology. Particularly, the Far East now contributes to NTI's success with China, Japan, India and Korea standardizing on NTI technology.

NTI organized its 2009 Icing Course 2009 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, with participants from USA, U.K., India and Korea. As significant is the increasing attendance by FAA personnel (2) desirous to familiarize themselves with this now widely adopted new technology.

In the wind-engineering arena, Newmerical Technologies USA General Manager, Dr. Dennis Torok, based in Minneapolis, has been constantly in the news lately as he has been solicited to speak on the possible causes of the significant increase in home runs being hit in the "new" Yankee Stadium. His interviews (cwe.newmerical.com) have been in New York Magazine, Newsday, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Kansas City Star and on National Public Radio "Science Friday". He will also be interviewed for an article to appear in USA Today on Tuesday June 2nd. Dennis is a world-class wind engineering expert, and an avid baseball fan. These interviews have attracted the attention of specialists and the general public to the merits and superiority of wind studies carried out by computer simulation, in which NTI is a world leader. The increased visibility of NTI in this area may be of interest to teams considering new baseball stadiums or wanting to correct existing anomalous situations.

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