California Table Grape Commission

October 19, 2006 23:15 ET

NUTRITION UPDATE: New Survey Shows Doctors’ Nutrition Training Inadequate

Three out of four doctors say the nutrition training they received in medical school was less than adequate. That’s according to a new survey just released by the California Table Grape Commission. The good news is 96 percent of doctors are interested in learning more about nutrition to help counsel their patients. Delia Hammock is Nutrition Director of The Good Housekeeping Institute:

“It’s important that doctors feel comfortable giving nutrition recommendations because a simple change in snacks for instance can really make a big difference in health. Just substituting satisfying and sweet grapes instead of your usual candy bar or bag of chips can save you 200 calories a day.”

With today’s obesity epidemic, your doctor’s next prescription could be to eat a healthy diet. Jim Howard of Fresh California Grapes:

“Healthy snacks do not have to bland. Take fresh grapes, they taste great and contain important phytonutrients like resveratrol and it has been linked to red wine in helping prevent heart disease.”

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