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November 01, 2007 10:22 ET

Nashville Records Expounds on TriMark™ & Provides Updates

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - November 1, 2007) -


As previously announced, Nashville Records® (PINKSHEETS: NSHV) entered a joint venture to own the major controlling interest of TriMark™ anti-piracy technology. Nashville Records™ had the responsibility for the development and costs of incorporation (complete), intellectual property -- such as trademark (complete), and business patent (completed applications for patent applied). The Joint Venture outlines all the responsibilities and future ownership.

Recent test markets were conducted to determine feasibility and market need. That market need is undeniable. The first test market was conducted by exploiting a Garth Brooks single release as discussed below.


There are a number of ways people are pirating music, such as CD copying, email distribution and illegal downloads, but the biggest threat lies in internet newsgroups and file sharing.

Newsgroups number into the thousands. They share unauthorized music with millions of people anonymously and currently are virtually impossible to regulate.

In order to determine feasibility & market need, TriMark™ entered one such newsgroup to track a Garth Brooks single. In less than 2 hours over 30,000 illegal downloads were conducted. This is just one newsgroup and there are thousands of them. Other downloads of other artists were analyzed as well. TriMark™ will implement state-of-the-art, one of a kind encryption technology that will enter a market where early estimates to piracy loss was 4.5 billion annually. Because of the Internet this estimate could be grossly underestimated and new estimates could be as high as $40 billion lost to piracy worldwide.

Companies have attempted anti-piracy solutions but individuals pirating are more knowledgeable than programmers who create anti-piracy solutions. Past anti-piracy failures vindicated computer savvy thieves while promoting an air of entitlement and challenge to hackers. The music industry has been active in prosecuting piracy (through standard Internet channels); however, Internet newsgroups have been widely overlooked.

All attempts at anti-piracy have taken a defensive position without sufficient success. TriMark™ will assume an offensive position that will be enforced. The Supreme Court ruling in June of 2005, on Music Copyright Violation Prosecution, supports an offensive position for prosecution and TriMark™ believes it will garner the support of the courts, music & movie executives, labels, and producers.

Tens of thousands of illegal downloads are facilitated every hour and worst of all... it's practically impossible at this time to catch the perpetrators who release it into the wild. Nashville Records, Inc. and TriMark™ believe this creates a unique marketing opportunity and further believe we possess the solution that could seriously impact illegal download and file sharing activity as well as halt much of the illegal CD distribution. We realize readers and investors would like to know the technical aspects of how the technology works but this will never be made known. That leaves hackers and professional pirates to guess, which we believe is futile. We further believe that even hackers will not be able to "strip" or circumvent the technology.

This news release is not intended to make the honest music enthusiasts worry should such a technology be brought to market because legitimate buyers, even those who receive music as gifts, need not fear. The licensing will work much the same as a EULA license from Microsoft® or any other software manufacturer. Purchasers can copy music for their own personal use, to be put onto iPods, computers, cassette tapes or various media. The legal danger will come from releasing music into the wild for mass illegal redistribution. In order to maintain the worth of the music & movie industry the Company firmly believes this technology is desperately needed and will constantly work to bring it to market.

Since the founder of TriMark™ holds a large position in Nashville Records®, he and the Company president decided they would raise the funds for TriMark™ themselves using their own stock as collateral, unless favorable opportunities presented themselves earlier and feasibility & test market studies indicated more of an urgency. According to John Taylor, the founder of TriMark™, "It is not likely the company will seek alternate financing, as we do not want to compromise the technology's integrity and confidentiality."


The Christmas album "My Kinda Christmas" was sent to 2,000 radio stations nationwide and is now available at retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Best Buy and others, and will be available at further locations. It will also be available on the Company website. Early indicators show the sales are going well and the Company encourages all readers to purchase a CD for personal listening and as Christmas gifts. At this time we have no way of knowing which stations will play nor which cuts on the album could be selected. However, stations and some newspapers have been contacting the Company to inquire about the album & potential plays and possible featured articles. When the Christmas season is upon us we encourage readers to contact their local radio station to request your favorite cut on the album.

Legal Review

Currently an attorney is reviewing and making a determination on all of the Company's documentation and picking up where the previous attorney (now deceased) left off, by determining which of the previous 504 offerings were in question or possibly illegally purchased, then taking corrective measures.

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