Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada

January 02, 2008 13:07 ET

Natural Resources Canada Offers "CleanTech Minutes" Series for Television Station Use

ATTENTION: Program Directors, PSA Coordinators, Traffic Managers, News Directors, Assignment Editors

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 2, 2008) -


As Canada continues to be a world leader in clean technologies, it is important for Canadians to understand the new and more effective ways in which the Government of Canada and its industry partners are working together to respond to the global demand for clean energy technologies. These technologies are using renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are positively changing the way Canadians work, live and produce energy.

The "CleanTech Minutes" are offered to your station for free, unrestricted use as a series of 19 one-minute vignettes, providing important and compelling information for your audience, covering the following topics:

1. Biodiesel

2. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture & Storage

3. EnerGuide for Cars

4. Ethanol

5. Flaring Efficiency

6. Hydrogen Fuel Cells

7. Energy Efficient Homes Built to R2000 Standard

8. Remote Sensing

9. Wind Power

10. Flexible Solar Panels

11. RETScreen International

12. Storm Surges

13. Copper and Nickel Mining Energy Efficiency

14. Glacier Retreat/Prairie Drought

15. Energy Efficiency in Pulp & Paper

16. Energy Efficiency in Textiles Manufacturing

17. Energy Efficiency in Cement Making

18. Energy Efficiency in Diamond Mining

19. Landfill Gas in Steelmaking

The vignettes are available at the following address:

PLEASE NOTE: These CleanTech Minutes are updated and should replace last year's version. Please be sure to remove last year's minutes from your schedules and replace them with these new vignettes.

About Natural Resources Canada:

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) works to ensure the responsible development of Canada's natural resources, energy, forests, metals and minerals. We also use our expertise in earth sciences to build and maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of our landmass and resources.

NRCan develops policies and programs that enhance the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economy and improve the quality of life of all Canadians.

We conduct innovative science in facilities across Canada to generate ideas and transfer technologies. We also represent Canada at the international level to meet the country's global commitments related to natural resources

Vignette Distribution: December, 2007

CleanTech Minutes series (French and English) available for download at:

CleanTech Minutes series available for hard-copy delivery by contacting:

Technical Contact: 1-416-666-8745

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