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BreathSlim Weight Loss Device

August 10, 2010 13:00 ET

Natural Weight Loss -- BreathSlim Enables Easy Weight Loss for Consumers

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 10, 2010) - Everyday consumers are bombarded with various weight loss solutions that promise a quick and easy fix to excess weight. Likewise, many of these consumers remain in the endless cycle, pumping hard-earned money into programs and pills that deliver limited short-term results and unrealized expectations. Today, a product exists that addresses the hurdles that these short-term solutions do not; a product that takes into account the physiological aspects of normal activity and simple barriers that could inhibit successful weight loss. BreathSlim provides consumers exactly that.

The average person today utilizes only a fraction of the oxygen inhaled while breathing normally. A recent study revealed that individuals suffering from breathing problems and risk of asthma and their prevalence in individuals whose weight exceeds healthy levels, is on-average 50 percent higher than those maintaining a healthy weight. This high correlation reinforces the relationship between healthy weight and respiratory function, illustrating how it may pose a significant barrier to successful weight loss. Studies have shown that even a 5-10 percent weight loss sustained over six months or longer may reduce health risks associated with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high cholesterol. 

BreathSlim's scientifically based respiratory behavior modification system harnesses the power of essential elements, air and water, to essentially adapt the body's traditional breathing cycle, expanding capacity through resistance training, ultimately promoting increased metabolism and weight loss. The BreathSlim system is simple and easy to start. Individuals receive a compact breathing device, step-by-step directions accompanied by a supporting DVD, and progress journal useful in gauging weight loss activity.

In the midst of various dietary supplement recalls and confusion around safe use, our approach is highly beneficial especially for people who don't have the taste for dieting and/or don't have much time for exercising, but would like to refrain from subjecting their body to unnecessary harmful side effects. In recent recognition from the medical community regarding the proven correlation between respiratory function and metabolism as it pertains to weight loss, BreathSlim's innovative approach proves promising in delivering desired outcomes around weight loss. 

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Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois USA, BreathSlim, Inc. is a global lifestyle and weight management products company providing innovative, quality solutions enabling people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. BreathSlim, Inc. manufactures and markets innovative products directly through global e-commerce, commercial, and retail channels. The product methodology was originally developed as a successful therapy for Asthma patients, and as an additional benefit, researchers found that individuals experienced appetite suppression and increased weight loss. Though proven to impact metabolism, as with any weight loss regimen, a balanced diet and regular physical activity will produce optimal results.

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