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December 10, 2009 02:00 ET

Nematode Trial Results

                                                                                      10 December 2009

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                                        Nematode Trial Results
In  the  summer and autumn, Eden set up a series of replicated field trials with the two lead nematode
formulation  products  coded as H2Y and B2Y in glasshouse crops in Spain and Greece.  The  traditional
nematicide product, Vydate L (oxamyl), was chosen as the competitor standard.

All  the  trials  were on Cucumbers and root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp) were present  in  all  4
trials.  Crop  vigour,  numbers of ripe fruit and yield of harvested fruit are part  of  the  standard
assessments when recording the nematode damage to the plants.

The  highest rates of both Terpene formulations achieved a slightly greater number of ripe fruit  than
the Vydate L standard and significantly better than the untreated.

The  highest  rates  of both Terpene formulations achieved higher yields than the  standard  treatment
Vydate L.

For    trial    data    results    please   visit   http://www.edenresearch.co.uk/html/products/trial-

Clive Newitt, Managing Director of Eden Research plc, said:
"The  results not only show how very effective our products are against root-knot nematodes  but  also
how  competitive they are against the market's conventional chemical nematicide (oxamyl) which clearly
indicates the potential for its commercialisation through licensing agreements."

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