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June 30, 2009 12:53 ET

Nematode trial data update

                            Eden Research plc ("Eden" or "the Company")

                                    Nematode Trial Data Update

Eden is pleased to report the first results of its trials programme conducted by Anadiag S.R.L in
Southern Europe looking at control of nematodes in protected vegetable crops.

Following on from previous product screening trials in 2008 which identified two leading
candidates, a series of trials were set up at the end of 2008 in glasshouse tomato crops. The
leading Eden encapsulated terpene product gave 83% control of root knot nematode. To put this into
perspective, the conventional nematicide standard "Vydate" gave only 50% control.

Further trials results are expected in the coming months and full scale registration trials will
continue later in 2009.

For trial data results please visit http://www.edenresearch.co.uk/html/products/trial-data/

Tim Griffiths the Chief Executive of Eden Research plc said:-

"These results are very good news for the Eden. The global hunt for new solutions to replace older
toxic nematicides and soil sterilants is intense. As regulators place further restrictions on
existing products, growers still face potential devastation of their crops by soil-inhabiting

With an approximately $1 billion market for nematicides and sterilants to be replaced, the rewards
are high for companies that can offer safer and effective technologies. Eden will now continue
into the second year of field testing as part of its registration programme."

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