September 25, 2007 08:00 ET

NetPro Announces AccessManager 2.0

Role-Based Access Management Solution for Windows Tightens Security and Streamlines Entitlement Auditing With New Role-Management Support and Workflow Processing

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - NetPro Directory Experts Conference Europe -- NetPro Computing, Inc. today announced AccessManager 2.0, a powerful upgrade to its role-based access management solution for Windows. AccessManager 2.0, available in late October, tightens security and streamlines entitlement auditing with new features that enable role-based management support and workflow processing of approved changes and roles.

"Knowing who has access to what is a foundational security requirement," said Rod Simmons, Director of Product Management at NetPro. "Without it, organizations are at risk for far-reaching security breaches and compliance violations -- not to mention excruciating management and reporting headaches. AccessManager 2.0 not only streamlines access management with a simple role-based approach, it conducts in-depth auditing, analytics and reporting to ensure control, security and compliance for Windows enterprise-wide. That's a rock-solid foundation!"

AccessManager streamlines and centralizes everything from deployment to remediation and reporting on access, giving administrators consistent and reliable resource-based access controls across the enterprise. AccessManager 2.0 tightens security and streamlines entitlement auditing processes by detailing who has access to what within the system. With AccessManager, users can track and report on everything from access rights to provisioning activities. And, with centralized management of enterprise-wide audit settings, administrators gain unprecedented current and historical reporting capabilities across Windows resources -- including Active Directory, files, folders, shares, printers, registry, and services.

According to the respondents of NetPro's Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2007 Survey, conducted at the company's conference in April 2007, security and compliance remain the number one priority for customers for the third year in a row, and auditing emerges as the top day-to-day requirement. NetPro has enhanced AccessManager 2.0 with its customers' priorities and daily responsibilities in mind, introducing the following six new features:

--  Approval-Based Changes -- Supports approval-based changes for all
    aspects of delegation and role management, including changes to templates,
    roles and assignments.
--  Role-Management Support -- Supports true role-based management for
    Active Directory, enabling administrators to create organizational roles
    and identify the resources and permissions that comprise those roles.
    AccessManager stores role information in a central library and, through
    security settings, enables administrators to publish and/or determine
    viewing access to role information.
--  Approval-Based Role Membership -- Allows users to request membership
    to specific roles for specific durations through powerful workflow
--  Resource Overrides -- Gives administrators the power to override role
    restrictions for specified access to key resources, such as a file or
    folder, SQL permissions, and more.
--  SQL Permission Management -- Provides support for SQL Server
    permission management, ensuring compliance and availability through
    powerful change controls and audit visibility.
--  Enhanced Reporting -- Delivers executive-level view, providing high-
    level information for security templates, managed objects, and roles.

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