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December 02, 2009 07:00 ET

Neuroregeneration Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - NeuroInvestment has released its December issue, which reviews novel therapeutics aimed at providing neuroregeneration. Neuroregeneration is now emerging as a valid treatment goal, in the process leapfrogging the task of achieving neuroprotection, which has thus far been elusive. The clearest human data validating neuroregeneration has come from the depression field, via the successful Phase II neurogenesis trial recently reported by BrainCells. More provisional validation has also come from a meta-analysis conducted by Stem Cell Therapeutics regarding initial utilization of its neurogenic therapeutic combination in stroke. Both of these programs use drug therapy to enhance endogenous production of neural stem cells, which circumvents many of the daunting conceptual and technical issues that have been such obstacles to the development of stem cell therapeutics for CNS disorders. While the development of stem cells per se may yet prove to be a source of groundbreaking clinical advances, the state of the art in understanding, let alone mimicking, natural signalling and maturational processes is still so early-stage that stem cells constitute a resource of yet-to-be-determined relevance and potential.

2010 will see a broadening of the human database for neurogenic therapeutics: BrainCells will have a second depression trial report its results, this on a NCE promoting neurogenesis. Stem Cell Therapeutics expects to have full Phase II data from its stroke trial during 3Q:10. NeuroNova should also have Phase II data from its trials of neurogenic factors in two other challenging degenerative disorders, Parkinson's and ALS. Sygnis, also pursuing stroke with a neurogenic factor, will have Phase II data in 2011. Numerous other companies have neuroregenerative programs that are earlier in their development.

The December issue of NeuroInvestment also includes a summary covering Stem Cell Therapeutics, plus a succinct examination of two interrelated fiscal factors impacting the CNS therapeutics sector: The shift (and decline) in financing resources for CNS companies, and the surprisingly high percentage of capital invested by both pharma companies and VC/institutional investors that turns out, when assessed five years later, to have been wasted.

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