May 24, 2006 15:40 ET

New Campaign Helps Young People Talk to Their Doctors About STDs and Available Tests

MEDIA ADVISORY--(CP RadioWire)--May 24, 2006--This is a MultiVu special report. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia is the most frequently reported. Last year, nearly 80 percent of new chlamydia infections occurred in people under the age of 25.

But according to data collected from Quest Diagnostics and released by ASHA -- the American Social Health Association, few young people are getting tested. Not being tested early can be very serious -- especially for women.

Doctor Peter Leone, University of North Carolina:

“The major risk associated with chlamydia infection and not having it diagnosed and treated is infertility. This is the number one preventable cause of infertility in woman in the United States.”

In women, chlamydia typically has mild symptoms or none at all, so it often goes undiagnosed. If left untreated, up to 40 percent of women develop pelvic inflammatory disease, which can result in infertility.

ASHA recently launched get teSTeD, a public health campaign designed to arm young people with the information they need to talk to their doctor about different stds and available tests. For more, visit


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