May 02, 2008 14:57 ET

New IBM Software Tools Designed to Liberate SharePoint Data

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire - May 2, 2008) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new social software designed to liberate business content from Microsoft SharePoint. This new software expands the IBM Lotus Quickr line to help businesses of all sizes manage, share and collaborate on important information.

While Microsoft preaches interoperability, IBM is delivering alternatives to SharePoint that work with a variety of file types and IT infrastructures. IBM Lotus Quickr Content Integrator is a new tool to help businesses access, share and collaborate with their most valuable asset -- information. Based on technology from CASAHL Technology, Lotus Quickr Content Integrator helps organizations migrate critical data from existing repositories into team places designed for collaboration and sharing. Through wizards and templates the software makes it easy to move content from Microsoft SharePoint sites, Microsoft Exchange folders, IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager libraries and IBM Lotus Domino teamroom applications into Lotus Quickr places.

Now organizations with a variety of IT applications can standardize on Lotus Quickr for team collaboration and social networking needs without the hassle of complex data migration. Competitive software products require businesses to tackle time consuming and often costly data migrations just to access data from different sources. Lotus Quickr Content Integrator puts businesses in control of their content, enabling employees to consolidate important information regardless of what tool was used to create the document.

"Making sure that critical content is easily accessible to employees is key," said Harry Wong, president and chief executive officer of CASAHL. "Lotus Quickr Content Integrator combined with Lotus Quickr's easy to use Web 2.0 interface and rich functionality, is a powerful combination, one that our customers are rapidly adopting."

"Content is king, and Lotus Quickr helps businesses share and use their data, regardless of where it was created," said Jeff Schick, vice president of social networking, IBM Lotus Software. "With the new features in Lotus Quickr and Lotus Quickr Content Integrator we have made it easy for companies to migrate their content from IBM software or competitive products into Lotus Quickr and get working right away."

Also now available is the latest version of Lotus Quickr. Lotus Quickr is Web 2.0-based software that makes it easier for people to find, access, share and work with everyday business content such as documents, photos and videos. Lotus Quickr includes content libraries, wikis, blogs and connectors -- or plugins -- for popular desktop applications like Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes. New features include:

--  New connectors for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Symphony: Now users
    will be able to access content in team workspaces and content libraries
    directly from Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Symphony. Lotus Quickr connectors
    increase productivity and help people work faster by bringing Lotus
    Quickr's powerful team collaboration capabilities into all major everyday
    desktop applications.
--  New administrative dashboard: A new Web 2.0-based dashboard makes it
    easier to manage enterprise wide deployments of Lotus Quickr. New
    statistical reporting gives administrators insight into the activity in
    their Lotus Quickr environment. Now, administrators have a single view of
    all Lotus Quickr places and can sort and search places by type and owner
    and set policies based on the size or activity level of places.
--  Lotus Quickr Entry: Now available, Lotus Quick Entry provides a pre-
    designed personal file sharing space that eliminates the need to share
    content via email attachments by providing individuals with links to shared
    content. The personal file sharing capabilities of Lotus Quickr Entry are
    included in the latest version of Lotus Quickr and as a stand alone
--  Enhanced usability features: New features such as simplified
    navigation, automatic versioning of documents to help track updates and
    feeds that instantly populate the "what's new" section of team places have
    been added to simplify an individual's experience.

Lotus Quickr Content Integrator and Lotus Quickr 8.1 are now available. Lotus Quickr Entry is now available to Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Web Access customers on active maintenance at no additional charge.

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