October 04, 2007 09:02 ET

New IXIASOFT DITA CMS Framework 1.4: Enhanced Work Efficiency, Collaboration and Usability

The latest version of IXIASOFT's content management solution optimizes DITA map manipulation and enhances revewing features

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2007) - IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, today announced the availability of the DITA CMS Framework 1.4. With its new capabilities, the DITA CMS Framework provides technical communicators enhanced content management features enabling them to be more productive and flexible in the manipulation of their DITA content.

Already selected by market leading companies such as AMD and Isilon Systems, the IXIASOFT DITA CMS Framework is a content management solution specifically engineered to manage DITA content. This new version of the CMS provides advanced map editing capabilities, new collaborative review functionalities, optimized image management, a multi-select tool and new search features allowing users to fully leverage their modular DITA content.

"The release of the DITA CMS Framework 1.4 offers users features that will directly impact their productivity by giving them the ability to easily move content around within the CMS interface for maximum flexibility and quick turnaround to deliver up-to-date information. These new features were introduced in the CMS to facilitate content manipulation and leverage DITA's modular approach to content management." said Eric Bergeron, President of IXIASOFT. "Many of these features were inspired by our customers' feedback and we look forward to deploying this new version to all our customers and to the market."

Key DITA CMS Framework 1.4 features include:

Advanced DITA Map editor

The DITA CMS Framework already provides a WYSWYG editor from which users can easily manipulate their content with intuitive drag and drop capabilities. In this latest release, users will benefit from sophisticated map editing functionalities such as:

- Viewing of multiple maps
- Comparison and difference management of multiple maps
- Ability to drag and drop topics from one map to another
- Nesting and cloning of maps

Collaborative Reviewer

Topic-based review is one of the key advantages of the DITA documentation process. It enables content to be reviewed and approved in a timely matter resulting in accurate information delivered quickly. The Collaborative Reviewer module is a PDF-based review tool enabling users to annotate content without the need to use the XML editor. New features available in the Collaborative Reviewer include:

- Multiple reviewers may annotate content simultaneously
- Authors and reviewers may show/hide annotations from specific reviewers
- Ability to accept/reject annotations
- A history of all annotations are kept in the CMS and are available at any
- Multi-level approval process where organizations may select to implement
- Unanimous system - where all must approve a modification before it is
- Majority system - where more than 50% must approve a modification
before it is accepted
- Single approval system - where only one user needs to approve a
modification before it is accepted

Other DITA CMS Framework 1.4 features:

- DITA Map search - in addition to advanced searching capabilities already
available in the CMS, users can now limit their search to a single map
for quick and precise searching.
- Multiple image resolution management allowing users to store various
image resolutions that will be used for different output types.
- Multi-select tool enabling users to perform actions such as lock,
release, edit, change status of multiple topics/images at once.
- XMetal 5.0 support - the CMS is compatible with the latest version of the
XMetal authoring tool to support users who have already deployed and are
familiar with the WYIWYG editor.

The DITA CMS Framework was designed to support DITA's topic-oriented architecture - its features facilitate single-sourcing and content reuse, enhance team collaboration, lower translation costs and enable on-time delivery of personalized documentation. IXIASOFT is a Certified Solution Partner of Justsystems.

IXIASOFT is currently participating in the DITA 2007 East Conference taking place in Raleigh, NC October 4-6th where participants can view a demo of the DITA CMS Framework 1.4.


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