SOURCE: Gold Lasso, LLC

October 04, 2007 08:30 ET

New Informal Poll Shows ISP "Spam Button" Powerful Tool With Top Providers, Affecting Future of Deliverability

GAITHERSBURG, MD--(Marketwire - October 4, 2007) - A recent informal poll sponsored by Dot Email, a free online community for email marketers, shows that emails that are not relevant to users are quickly and easily being marked as SPAM, which is effecting deliverability rates of future email campaigns. According to the poll, AOL scored the lowest with 38.4% of email marketers saying it has the lowest deliverability and 7.1% of respondents stating Google's gmail (7.1%) had the highest deliverability rate.

"I believe that a lot of people still don't grasp the power of the 'This is SPAM' button within the web-based mail clients and how it can greatly affect clients' list attrition as well as deliverability for future campaigns," says Michael Weisel, CTO of Gold Lasso. Gold Lasso is the sponsor of Dot Email. "The bottom line with all of this is that if you send relevant information, to people who want it, in the proper format, this will greatly limit your risk of destroying your lists or encouraging users to press that oh so powerful (and sometimes too easy to click) SPAM button," he says.

MSN/Hotmail were a close second with 21.4% of the votes. "From what we are hearing, MSN gives the initial impression of letting more questionable messages through. These messages appear to be delivered by most mail servers, but are actually marked as spam before getting to the users' mail folders." says Elie Ashery, founder and editor of Dot Email. "This causes the email to be labeled as 'missing.' It may not show up as a bounce or even make it to a recipient's junk folder."

Earthlink (17%) and Yahoo (16.1%) fared almost equally in deliverability rates according to the poll.

"With the SPAM filters really acting as living organisms, I believe that if you were to conduct this same poll three to six months from now, these percentages will most likely change based on who does what next with regards to tweaking their anti-SPAM technology," says Weisel.


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