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June 16, 2010 14:47 ET

New Music Discovery Site "Songness" Gives Listeners Revolutionary Recommendation Tools, Ideal for Independent Artists

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - June 16, 2010) -  Songness is a new music discovery site designed to help fans find and share great new songs among the millions offered by independent artists on the Internet.

It involves the audience in evaluating new songs and recommending them to their own friends, and it uses recommender technology to target likely fans with more appealing choices.

"Songness also helps artists and labels by providing better, research-based information about the audience for their music, much of it free," says Songness CEO Bill Geissler. These are some things Songness does, he says:

  • It evaluates and market tests new songs, free
  • It predicts the popularity of songs in the system based on preference and song structure
  • It provides free audience reports
  • It helps recruit new fans for the good songs
  • And it shares more of the revenue from sales with the song owners

"Songness doesn't recommend hits like most recommender sites," Geissler says. "It gives all songs and artists a fair chance to be heard, and brings the unknown artists from the long tail of the market into the light of recognition and rewards that they deserve."

By not only focusing on what is popular or receiving radio play, Songness gives new independent artists a fighting chance in an overloaded marketplace. "About 10,000 new songs are released in America every week," Geissler says, "but only a few get on radio playlists in most markets. The rest are never heard so they don't have a chance for a fair hearing by the fans."

"Songness addresses the challenge of recommending in the long tail with a hybrid solution," Geissler explains. "It uses collaborative filtering -- as in people who like A like B -- to harness the 'wisdom of crowds' based on popularity. But it also incorporates content filtering to cluster songs objectively based on audio similarity. Content filters can model many factors (like artists, genres and labels) that increase the chance that new artists will be heard and appreciated."

"Songness creates a win-win situation for creators and consumers," Geissler says. "The resulting community supports independent and new artists, while establishing a meeting place for music lovers with great taste."

Songness starts with a collection of songs and labels from San Francisco based aggregator IRIS and marketing companies like Cyber PR. Now that the channels are open, artists are welcome to upload their music and more content is being added daily as more labels and companies sign up to use this exciting new platform for discovery for their content.

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