Paradigm Shift Solutions Inc.

Paradigm Shift Solutions Inc.

July 10, 2009 09:41 ET

New Online Service Empowers Canadians to Increase Their Severance Pay After Being Fired or Laid Off provides confidential, customized service at fraction of typical legal fees

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 10, 2009) -

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Paradigm Shift Solutions Inc., a Vancouver-based company founded by a lawyer and an e-commerce expert, today launched, the first online legal service to help everyday Canadians who have been fired or laid off to get what they are rightfully entitled from their employer. The site is part of a growing trend towards do-it-yourself legal services, and offers severance pay calculation and customized negotiation tools for less than $60 - approximately 4.5 per cent of the typical fees charged by employment lawyers.

With Statistics Canada reporting the unemployment rate at 8.6 per cent in June, will make severance negotiation accessible and affordable to thousands of Canadians who are finding themselves out of work and looking to defend their rights.

" is intended for any Canadian who wants to know more about employment law and needs help determining the amount of severance pay they are entitled to," said Chilwin Cheng, LLB, Co-Founder and President of Paradigm Shift Solutions. "Given the recent increase in the number of people unemployed in Canada, we believe the introduction of this service is very timely and we hope the site will be particularly helpful in this difficult economic environment." is a confidential online service that helps people understand their legal rights and maximize their severance package. The service provides:

- a free tutorial on the law governing layoffs, firings, and dismissals;

- a manual outlining the negotiation model most commonly taught to lawyers and other negotiation experts;

- a severance package calculator which analyzes thousands of Canadian court cases to provide an assessment of entitlements;

- a detailed report on how an individual's case compares to similar cases; and,

- customized counter-offer letter templates Canadians can use to negotiate with an employer.

While the site offers basic information about employment law for free, individuals wishing to use the severance package calculator pay a fee of $39.99 and can purchase a customized counter-offer letter for an additional $19.99. In comparison, the average fee charged by a Canadian employment lawyer to advise on severance pay and provide a counter-offer letter is $1,705.

If a person earning the average annual income in Canada used to increase their severance package by just one week, they would earn $687 - 10 times the cost of services.

"We're proud to be the first company to offer Canadians a customized direct-to-consumer online legal service," said Paradigm Shift Solutions Co-Founder Jim Hamlin, a software development expert who has worked in Vancouver's IT industry for 18 years. "With this service, people now have a low-cost option to obtain valuable information to help them understand and defend their rights. This is the latest innovation in do-it-yourself legal services in Canada."

The online resource, which has been in development for more than two years, draws on a database of thousands of cases assembled by lawyers and paralegals, covering all aspects of employment law. The company's proprietary indexing technology selects cases that best fit a customer's unique situation, mirroring the reasoning and research process that Canadian employment lawyers use, and creates a customized counter-offer letter an individual can use when negotiating with their former employer.

"Given the average annual salaries and typical legal fees across Canada, engaging a lawyer to negotiate a higher severance is out of reach for many people," said Cheng, a senior lawyer who has advised employees who have lost their jobs and employers who have had to let people go. "In my experience, most people who have lost their jobs fail to even seek legal advice, believing that it is not worth their while. We hope to change Canadians' attitudes, and help more people get what they are entitled to."

On average, approximately 545,500 Canadians lose their jobs due to permanent lay off every year. Since January 2009, Statistics Canada has reported 454,000 full-time job losses.

About Paradigm Shift Solutions Inc.

Vancouver-based Paradigm Shift Solutions brings law to the people by developing web-enabled legal services. Our mission is to make the law relevant for ordinary people and businesses by lowering its cost, increasing its accessibility, and enhancing its value. By helping people understand the law and apply it in their daily lives, we promote citizenship and foster a civic society. Company co-founders Chilwin Cheng and Jim Hamlin met while attending Simon Fraser University's MBA class and shared a dream of harnessing the web's power to transform industries. With, the company's goal is to help people understand their legal rights and responsibilities during one of the most difficult times in a person's life - the loss of employment.

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"It's tough to see friends and family lose their jobs in this current economic downturn. With the high cost of legal advice and services, I saw this as a unique and innovative way to help Canadians gain affordable access to information about their legal rights..."

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