June 22, 2010 08:58 ET

New OzVision 4-HVR Gateway -- aka "the DVR killer" -- Ideal Recurring Monthly Revenue Producer for Central Station Hosted IP Video Services

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  OzVision is now shipping its new 4-HVR gateway, ideal for hosted video IP services by central station operators.

According to Richard Bauer, OzVision President, "The 4-HVR gateway represents a new generation of hosted IP video services. A complete end-to-end services suite, local and off-site storage, true 'plug & play' installation, and very low monthly costs can make the DVR obsolete!" 

Recurring Monthly Revenue Engine Makes Money While you Sleep

"Now video becomes a recurring monthly revenue service rather than sell-and-forget hardware," continued Mr. Bauer. "Streaming video is stored for up to a year on a secure server, and clips are sent upon alarm event directly to the central station screens and owner. Central station can easily manage thousands of accounts using sophisticated management software," he said.

Mr. Bauer added, "Anyone considering a DVR may find the HVR gateways a superior alternative at lower cost, and packed with intuitive and advanced control features, improved online security and private remote access -- from iPhones, Blackberrys and other cellphones and PCs." 

The OzVision Secure Network™ (OSN™) services are hosted by OzVision and are being offered though security dealers and central stations. The service is now also available for private branding ('Self-Hosting') to any service provider and private central station. Central stations offer the service combined with alarm verification, monitoring video clips that play in real-time right on the operator's screen -- available fully integrated for most central station CRM software. Greatly reduced false alarms and enhanced police response upon verification are immediate benefits. 4-HVR gateways accept any analog camera input and convert it to IP video, requiring no IT knowledge or any router programming/port configuration by the installer.

"We have converted video into a hosted RMR service that is in many cases superior to local DVR. We believe the security industry will never look at CCTV and DVR's the same way again," said Mr. Bauer. 

"But the OSN network is much more than just a technology for replacing DVRs. We are dedicated to delivering hosted video solutions that empower security professionals, business and home owners to discover new more effective ways of managing their business -- we are removing the boundaries to the future of video," Mr. Bauer concluded.

About OzVision

Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, privately held OzVision produces the 2- and 4-HVR -- aka "the DVR killers." Several thousand subscribers are already receiving the benefit of hosted video services, including well-known national sites such as the Washington Monument and White House Visitors Center. Please contact OzVision 781-932-6900, fax 781-932-6943 or visit the web site,

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