Sutton Integrated Solutions Inc.

Sutton Integrated Solutions Inc.

October 25, 2007 08:00 ET

New Solution for Transferring Corporate Filings from SEDAR

S-P-O-T Service SEDAR Push Online Transfer

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 25, 2007) - Sutton Integrated Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative product today, called S-P-O-T (SEDAR Push Online Transfer) Service. SPOT enables public companies to automatically and seamlessly transfer their corporate filings & documents from SEDAR directly to the right SPOT on their websites.

Over the last two years, Sutton Integrated Solutions has successfully delivered dozens of website solutions that combine design, technology, and corporate disclosure with a fully compliant content architecture and communications approach, under the name of DisclosurePLUS.

DisclosurePLUS is an electronic disclosure website solution for public companies that provides corporations with a fully integrated online communications package. It is designed to reduce corporate liability through a best practices approach to compliance, disclosure, and governance for investor communications. The content management solution ensures that the key responsible executives for disclosure maintain authority and control.

Sutton Integrated Solutions is now extending its portfolio by adding a new solution layer to the customer's needs. S-P-O-T Service is easily installed on any company's website, and automatically updates the website with all documents as they are filed. The solution ensures that filings are properly sorted, separated, and displayed independently. The service is 100% reliable and will ensure that PDF postings to the company's corporate website, from SEDAR, will be the correct documents every time.

S-P-O-T Service is a welcome fit to the Sutton Integrated family, which recently opened a new division for strategic marketing consultancy and entered into partnership with Dr. Erez Manhaimer, Ph.D., a Marketing & Communications Strategist with more than 15 years of extensive experience in his field. Dr. Manhaimer joins Sutton Integrated from BBDO consulting, where he held the position of Senior Managing Partner in Israel for over three years. "I'm happy to have joined forces with Sutton integrated and am looking forward to supporting the company in areas such as strategy and business planning, branding and marketing activities," said Dr. Manhaimer. Erez was the Director of Marketing & Strategy at Starhome, an affiliate of Comverse Technology, and the Marketing Manager for Colgate in Israel previous to that.

"The wide spectrum of support that we are able to provide today covers the entire creation of the value chain from the analysis and formulation of strategy, the translation into the creative work, and the execution either via annual report , website, brochure or any other marketing tool," added Gord Sutton, President and CEO of Sutton Integrated Solutions.

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