April 26, 2010 11:08 ET

New Study: Marketing Strategies That Resonate With Youth Markets

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - April 26, 2010) - has announced the addition of Wireless World Forum's new report "Mobile Youth 2010," to their collection of Lifestye & Economics market reports. For more information, visit

Mobile Youth is both a study of the universe of young people and a guide to better develop and market products for these consumers. It's all too easy to get lost in the technology, the non-sensical self-talk of the internet, mobile and media industries when sometimes the smallest things create the biggest leverage in customers satisfaction.

Building dialogue and trust with young consumers through internal change

Points of change typically revolve around:

  • Building proactive dialogue with consumers rather than "listening"
  • Change through adopting new internal language and semantics (e.g. dumping useless terms such as "killer applications," "value chains," "end users" etc in favor of "services," "value networks," "consumers")
  • Integrating the product development and marketing processes
  • Creating consumer advocacy through establishing the company within the peer group
  • Experimenting with youth as brand stakeholders
  • Measuring internal performance and KPI through "lifetime customer value" rather than "net adds"

We've been covering nearly 60 countries now since the project's inception and it continues to grow, bringing on board new and exciting clients who we have the privilege of working with and learning from for the first time -- from McDonald's to Adidas to Apple to the European Commission. It doesn't really get much better than that in terms of scope and scale for consumer insight.

Some of our clients:

Adidas. Adobe. AKQA. AOL. Avea. BBC. BBDO. BBH. Belgacom. Blackberry. BSkyB. BT. Carat. Channel 4. Comverse. Dell. Disney Mobile. EA. EMI Music. Ericsson. Hasbro. Hutchison Whampoa. Intel. Isobar. ITV. KPN. Kyocera. Leo Burnett. LG. Mediacom. Mobilink. Microsoft. Motorola. MTN. MTV. NEC. Nokia. Telefonica O2. Orange. Plantronics. Proctor & Gamble. Publicis. Rogers Wireless. RTL. Samsung. SaskTel. Sony Electronics. Sony PlayStation. Sprint Nextel. Sun Microsystems. Telenor. TeliaSonera. TIM. TIM Hellas. T-Mobile. Turkcell. Verizon Wireless. Virgin Mobile. Vodafone. Walt Disney Internet Group. Walt Disney Television. WPP. WIND. Zain

Topics covered in the report include…
1. 2010 Mobile Youth Engagement Path
A five step marketing plan for mobile companies to engage youth
  Introduction: 6 Key mistakes made by mobile companies when targeting youth with resolutions & examples
  Focusing on cheap & free
  Divesting creative responsibility to the agency
  Prioritizing product and technology
  Selling airtime
  Relying on mobile to communicate with youth
  Buying attention and trust
  Step 1) Establishing relevant metrics
  Navigating the move from product to service
  emerging vs developed markets
  trust vs advocacy
  how to measure, visualize and communicate youth metrics internally
  Step 2) Identifying your market segments and beachheads
  Segment management
  Identifying your core advocates
  The role of consumer insights in driving marketing
  teens vs young adults
  rural vs urban customers
  emerging vs developed markets
  Step 3) Developing value proposition and communication strategy
  Key success factors in service offering & price
  Clarity & Transparency
  Example pricing strategies & how to communicate them to youth
  Key requirements for your value proposition
  Step 4) Creating permission assets
  The role of retail
  Sponsorship vs creation
  Incorporating youth in product development
  Assimilating Consumer Insights into permission assets
  Step 5) Partnering with youth in the co-creation of product and message
  Business benefits of co-creation
  Issues of control
  Co-creation in marketing and product development
  Co-creation and consumer insights
  Key Organizational Challenges
  Supporting the entrepreneurs and agents of change
  Challenges in invoking organizational change
  Negotiating the internal competition for resources
  Creating the growth story around youth as a core driver for long term profitability
  Developing the business case for youth
  Mobile Data
  Expanding ARPU through channel sales
  Service opportunities
  Product portfolio optimization
2. 2010 Young Consumer Insights
What are the key drivers behind youth consumer behaviour and challenges in communicating with youth?
  1. Exposing traditional marketing techniques
  Challenges in evolving to modern marketing
  Content vs Context
  Moving from Media Facing to Consumer Facing
  2. Implications of the Modern Attention Economy and Youth Marketing
  Gating and its impact on marketing spend
  Discovering the moment of aperture
  Measuring relevance
  3. Creating relevance
  Campaigns vs Legacies
  The changing role of storytelling
  Building permission assets
  The role of marketing externalities
  Models for Partnership Marketing
  Paid vs Earned Media
  4. Developing beachheads
  Profiling Passionistas
  Economic comparison of passionistas and mass-market
  The 90-10 rule in marketing
  How to develop a beachhead
  5. Brand Pyramids
  Measuring your market through brand pyramids
3. 2010 Youth Media Trends
How is the youth media mix changing?
  1. Generational Myths about Youth
  The connected generation
  Technology addiction
  The culture of immediacy
  2. Profiling the role of media in youth life for peer communication, staying informed and word-of-mouth
  Social Media: Facebook, Myspace, Friendster etc
  3. The 3 Key Youth Media Trends 2010
  4. Advertising in the attention economy
  Youth attention and advertising effectiveness

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