SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 06, 2008 17:28 ET

New Technology Keeps Computers Running at Peak Performance -- Automatically

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 6, 2008) - When introducing new software onto their corporate servers and workstations, it's only natural for IT professionals and system administrators to be skeptical... and rightfully so. For many of them, keeping the network up and running smoothly with minimal problems is their number one concern. To buy into the hype of a software company's marketing department could spell disaster if the software doesn't do what it says, and worse, causes problems and interference with valuable system resources. Of course, this is especially critical when it comes to defrag software.

What exactly is defrag software? Defrag (or defragmentation) software rids your systems of fragmentation -- which is defined as pieces of files on hard drives that are not continuous but instead are scattered around the drive. As time goes on, fragmentation continues to build up on systems, causing them to slowdown and freeze, or sometimes even crash completely.

In the past, scheduled defragmentation was the way to go. Compared to a manual defragger, the benefit of scheduling was a no-brainer -- as the chore of manually initializing a utility on each workstation and server was no doubt time consuming.

But scheduling is an inherent weak link in performing certain systems' maintenance activities (like defragmentation) that absolutely should be done with frequency. Rather than schedule, many users -- even high-tech professionals -- will just run the applications whenever they happen to think about it -- draining valuable system resources and putting a major dent in production. In many cases the schedule isn't run at an ideal time, but rather the least-worst time.

Fortunately, with the recent release of Diskeeper® 2008 by Diskeeper Corporation, scheduled defrag has become obsolete.

Diskeeper 2008 defragments files and free space automatically, using only idle resources. With its breakthrough InvisiTasking™ technology, scheduling is no longer necessary -- instead fragmentation is removed as it occurs, ensuring consistently maximized peak performance.

Real time defragmentation means all workstations and servers, large and small, will always operate at maximum speed and performance. When Diskeeper 2008 is enabled, systems simply run faster.

Diskeeper 2008 utilizes the revolutionary methodology, known as "on-the-fly defragmentation." Powered by InvisiTasking, this solution ensures that defragmentation never impacts production, avoiding the dreaded "cure becoming worse than the disease" syndrome.

So, in researching various defrag solutions, here are some key facts to consider:

--  Operates automatically, no need to configure or figure out.
--  Only uses idle system resources -- never competing with anything else
    on the computer.
--  Defragments in real-time to ensure continued peak performance.
--  Even makes other programs run faster.

Visit a search engine, enter "defrag" in the search box and see for yourself. Install automatic defrag software and you'll soon find the system performance of your servers and workstations at peak levels at all times.

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