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January 14, 2008 13:56 ET

New Vegan, Organic Skin Care Line: RARE2B® Delivers Results Naturally

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 14, 2008) - After years in development, Rare Natural Care, Inc. announces RARE2B®, a new skincare line that is 100 percent vegan, organic, vegetal and natural and made from non-GMO sources. The products include special ingredients like seaweed, olive oil and passion fruit seed oil that nurture and nourish the skin.

There are very few vegan skincare products on the market and many products that claim to be all natural are not. RARE2B® products do not contain any animal by-products and they are not tested on animals. They are also free of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic chemicals, alcohol, PEG, TEA and petroleum by-products. The ingredients are Certified Organic, Eco-Certified, and/or natural derivatives/Wildcrafted (harvest).

The formulations and concept for the RARE2B® skincare line were developed by agronomist Sia Saidi, who had already enjoyed success with the skin care company he had started years earlier, Rare Natural Care, Inc. At the urging of his family, all of whom now work for the company, Saidi decided to make the RARE2B® product line all natural, vegan and organic. He spent the last four years researching ingredients with the help of chemists who frequently told him it was impossible to find certain natural alternatives that would be as effective as chemicals used in most skin care formulations. Undaunted, Saidi persevered and created the RARE2B® line using only top-quality natural, organic, vegan ingredients from sustainable fair trade sources in the Amazon Rainforest and the South Australian Rainforest. The sustainable harvesting programs in these rainforests provide the indigenous people with profitable work and a way to protect their natural resources.

RARE2B® products were carefully formulated to deliver the same benefits provided by certain chemicals but solely with the use of natural ingredients. For example, rather than use a chemical SPF, Saidi incorporated seaweed into the products because seaweed acts as a protective barrier against the sun and the environment. "The body reacts better to natural based products, whether in food or cosmetics. It is trained to break those natural components down versus chemical components, which probably get lost in the bloodstream and can have some medical ramifications that we're unsure of," explains Jasmin Saidi, Sia Saidi's daughter and vice president of Rare Natural Care, Inc., whose work aiding immigrants in gaining educational accreditation parity influenced the company's insistence on fair trade commerce.

The product line currently consists of four basic products that are suitable for all skin types:

Hydrating Day Cream (1.75 oz.) -- A non-greasy moisturizer with essential botanical and marine elements. Helps nourish the skin and protects it against environmental pollutants. (Price: $53)

Restorative Night Cream (1.75 oz.) -- Composed of various extracts of the olive tree and premier botanicals to help restore and rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen and prevent wrinkles. (Price: $62)

Detox Facial Mask (4 oz.) -- The rich botanical ingredients in this mask draw out impurities, cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and regenerate skin. Its texture is smooth and non-chalky. (Price: $35)

Body Lotion (6 oz.) -- The rich botanical and marine elements in this lotion moisturize and soften the skin, firming and regenerating it at the same time. (Price: $26)

The complete set of four products is available for $158. The RARE2B® Travel Kit contains airline-friendly 1-oz. tubes of each of the four products and retails for $50.

More RARE2B® products will be released later this year.

"Our company is family owned and family driven, so our products really come from love -- from the heart," says Jasmin Saidi. "We worked together to create this company. This is not just a mission of one person; it's a collective mission because we feel like as part of society we want to make a contribution to the green movement and to people's lives."

For more information or to purchase RARE2B® products, visit or call 310-389-2696.

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