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October 16, 2007 08:30 ET

New Whitepaper Helps Marketers Define Email Service Provider Value

GAITHERSBURG, MD--(Marketwire - October 16, 2007) - Gold Lasso, LLC (, a leading provider of on-demand email marketing software and services, has just released a whitepaper titled Finding Value in an Email Service Provider. Quoting Warren Buffett, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get." This is true as many email marketers look for the lowest price point and equate that to be the best value, finding themselves disappointed.

The marketplace is crowded with more than 100 ESPs, and companies need to be aware of the differences among features and price. For a while, ESPs that catered to small businesses had few features, were in expensive and attracted spammers. The middle market offered more features on an "a la carte" basis, and larger companies received full features at a premium price. Today, this basic premise has changed, with all size companies needing a certain level of marketing sophistication. Larger companies have found that the value once received from higher priced ESPs is diminishing quickly and can be filled by lesser expensive ESPs.

"The reality for marketers is that pricing is a complex issue," says Elie Ashery, President and CEO of Gold Lasso. "They can't look at price alone. The lowest price points may not meet their needs in terms of features and customer service, while the higher ticket ESPs may not offer as much value as the cost indicates."

To fully evaluate if ESP services are overvalued, the following criteria should be reviewed:

--  The cost per email is above the current market price
--  The ESP charges extra for access to advanced features such as dynamic
    content, surveys, API, etc.
--  The ESP charges extra for support and training
--  The ESP charges a large setup fee

Before making a decision about an ESP, marketers should also take a look at their needs and ask themselves some questions relating to volume of transmissions, features needed, consulting services that would be helpful and the type of service provider that would truly meet the company's needs.

"The common ground with all ESPs is that they all research price points, define price packages, identify basic and advanced features and solicit new clients. An important part of being an email marketer is determining price versus services," says Ashery.

These tips and more information are available in a recent white paper posted on the Gold Lasso website. To download this whitepaper please click here or visit,com_philaform/Itemid,400/form_id,3/


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