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April 14, 2010 14:07 ET

New Wisdom Press Announces Release of New Book: "Living Disease Free"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  New Wisdom Press announces the release of a new book: Living Disease Free, an important nutritional read that reveals the relationship of proper body pH to Living Free from Disease.

The book is authored by an international team of doctors: Dr. Richard Cutler (U.S.), Dr. Fumiko Kawamura (Japan) and Dr. Wang, Huei Ming (China). Cutler, Kawamura and Wang explain that how modern diets, which are full of over-processed foods, are contributing to an internal acidic environment and an epidemic of disease. Living Disease Free is an easy read that explains how simple dietary changes shift the body toward Alkalinity and significantly improved health.

Dr. Cutler states, "Human bodies are best nourished by nutritionally dense foods like fruits and vegetables. For people who want better health and increased natural energy, I recommend a Whole Food beverage called ViaViente, which provides the equivalent nutrition of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in every ounce. Because this product is so high in Anti-Oxidants, ViaViente drinkers benefit from Alkalinity along with the Natural Anti-Inflammatory effect that Anti-Oxidants deliver."

According to Rebecca Rice, V.P. of Communications for ViaViente, "Over the last 7 years, people who drink ViaViente daily have reported a big reduction in aches and pains, deeper and more restful sleep, more energy without caffeine, and improvement in blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. I believe that anyone who reads this new book will want to get on ViaViente and stay on it for life."

ViaViente is sold in 27 countries and territories worldwide. The company spent 12 years developing the product which first hit the marketplace 7 years ago (2003). For more information on ViaViente, visit:

Living Disease Free is available through select book stores in the U.S. and on-line from The book is in its first printing of 25,000 copies. For more information about Living Disease Free, click on the link below:

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