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April 23, 2008 11:04 ET

New multi-media assembly show for high schools to tour Manitoba

Partnership of MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance tours A powerful new production will be touring Manitoba high schools this spring graduation season

Attention: Education Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor, Transportation Editor WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - A powerful new production will be touring Manitoba high schools this spring graduation season thanks to the partnership of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) and Manitoba Public Insurance.
In a fury of noise and visuals, the organizations launched this year's high impact, multi-media school assembly show Friday Night to more than 700 students at Westwood Collegiate in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Public Insurance is the Provincial Sponsor of the MADD Canada production about safe and sober driving. With this sponsorship, the public insurer is ensuring the production is seen by 60,000 high school students throughout the province in the next three months.

Friday Night follows a group of teens through a "not so typical Friday night" where decisions they make lead to some very preventable tragedies. Some of the major issues addressed in this presentation are marijuana and driving, binge drinking, peer pressure and the havoc left by an impaired driving crash.

High school audiences can expect to be taken by the stories of young people, clips from major motion pictures, and a contemporary soundtrack, viewed on three giant screens measuring 15' X 45'.

Brenda Schipper, MADD Winnipeg Volunteer Coordinator, states, "Thanks to this partnership with Manitoba Public Insurance, there will be more Manitoba students viewing this production and hearing the important message to 'drive sober.' MADD Canada commends Manitoba Public Insurance and we hope, together, we will make an impact with students who are beginning to drive - delivering the important message to make the correct choices and always drive sober."

Educating young Manitobans about the dangers of drinking and driving has long been a priority of the province's public auto insurer. "The multi-media approach is an effective way of delivering a strong message to an important audience," says John Douglas, Vice President of Public Affairs, for Manitoba Public Insurance. "It's doubly important during the spring months when school graduations are figuring so prominently in social agendas."

"We're confident that this production and its message will remind high school students to consider the consequences of drinking and driving and commit to a safe grad celebration," Mr. Douglas says.

Ms. Schipper echoes the comments about safe and sober grads. "School graduations are time to celebrate and there is no need for young driver fatalities as a result of alcohol or drug impairment. If you plan on driving, don't drink and don't take drugs. It's that simple."

Robb Nash, the lead singer of rock band Live on Arrival was on-hand at Westwood to introduce the show. Nash related his own near-death story in a horrific tractor trailer crash (no alcohol involved) that left him clinging for his life. He ended the assembly by performing an acoustic version of the hit song, Another Second Chance.

MADD Canada revealed that Live on Arrival will be featured in next year's high school show Dead on Arrival.

MADD Canada and Manitoba Public Insurance will be touring the assembly show to high schools in the province. Contact Nathan Murray at 1-800-665-6233 ext. 240 for information on having MADD Canada's program play in your community high school.

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