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August 25, 2010 18:05 ET

News Briefing: Statements from Enbridge News Briefing on Marshall, Michigan Pipeline Leak, August 25, 2010

MARSHALL, MICHIGAN--(Marketwire - Aug. 25, 2010) -

Excerpt from Joint News Conference, 3 p.m. Eastern Time, August 25, 2010

Marshall, Michigan.

Patrick Daniel, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc.

Clean-up efforts along the Creek and River are progressing very well. I'm happy to - to confirm the primary scraping of Talmadge Creek area now was completed. That was done yesterday and backfilling of soil was taking place at the site of the leak itself. So, that is Site A.

We also have multiple crews cleaning the banks along the Kalamazoo River as indicated in the - in the earlier part of the call.

As we've said before, this will continue as long as necessary to ensure the clean-up is done to the satisfaction of local, State and Federal agencies.

Personally, I've continued to meet one-on-one with those families most affected by the spill. Our objective is to get the noise and disruption of the clean-up effort out of their lives as soon we possibly can. And as - as every day passes I continue to be very impressed with the support that we've had to help with this clean-up and the patience of the residents most impacted.

As I mentioned in the last call, most of the heavy equipment disruption should be in decline by the end of this month as - as everyone goes back to school.

Visits to both our Battle Creek and Marshall Community Centers continue to decrease each day as do the calls to that toll free number. For example, we only had 22 people in total at the Centers over the weekend but we will leave them both open for some time yet to come. Obviously most claims have now been dealt with.

We invited the public to come to the Wildlife Response Center yesterday so they could gain a better understanding of the great efforts that are taking place there and that was very successful and will be repeated going forward.

With the lifting of the voluntary evacuation last week the vast majority of people have now returned to their homes and only those with special circumstances remain in hotels. So, very good progress made on getting people back to their normal lives.

Steve Wuori, Executive Vice President, Liquids Pipelines, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Just a little bit more on the Talmadge, we have, as you've heard, completed the primary scraping of the Talmadge Creek all the way down to the confluence with the River. There's also been a secondary assessment that is now nearly completed and that's going back through all of the areas that were scraped and looking for any residual oil at all and now the crews will be going back through and finding any spots that have residual oil and picking those up.

The goal we have is to re-seed while we still have growing season so that we see some of the native grasses begin to grow once again and also to pull the back roads off so that the area returns to normal quite quickly.

In terms of the pipeline integrity verification work, last week we talked about the six digs that we were doing. Those have all now been completed and the preparations are continuing for the pressure verification tests of the line which is currently scheduled to occur by Monday pending approval from the Office of Pipeline Safety.

We added two extra digs that had been slated for examination sometime this year. This is in the Marshall area and once we had the excavation crews here we - we wanted to get those digs done so we are proceeding with those. One of those is in a - a pond area right south of Marshall that has taken several days to de-water and that is what has resulted in the delay in the pressure verification test. So, we continue to de-water that pond and will be looking to - to do that dig quite soon.

Enbridge has launched a website to provide updates and further information about the Company's response to the leak on the 6B pipeline near Marshall, Michigan. The URL for the website is response.enbridgeus.com.

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