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January 27, 2010 08:00 ET

Nine Vision Research Digital High-Speed Cameras to Provide Ultra-Slow Motion Coverage at Super Bowl XLIV

CBS Sports and NFL Films Bolster Super Bowl Coverage With the Phantom® v640

WAYNE, NJ--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems, proudly announces that nine of company's Phantom® v640 digital high-speed cameras will be traveling to South Florida's Sun Life Stadium where they will provide high-definition, ultra-slow motion replays for CBS Sports' live broadcast and NFL Films' coverage of Super Bowl XLIV. With ongoing appearances at countless professional sporting events on both the national and global stage, the Vision Research Phantom is quickly becoming the high-speed camera of choice for the live sports broadcast and entertainment markets.

"For any fast-action sporting event, Vision Research's Phantom digital high-speed cameras open up an entirely new dimension for viewers at home," said Rick Robinson, divisional vice president - marketing, Vision Research. "The ultra high-speed images captured by Vision Research Phantom cameras reveal never before seen detail, and further underscore the level of talent of today's professional athletes. Networks can now leverage the unmatched performance of our camera systems, especially the Phantom v640, to truly enhance the viewing experience and engage their audiences, providing them with a broadcast that's as entertaining as it is memorable."

The nine Phantom v640 digital high-speed cameras used at Super Bowl XLIV will be provided by Inertia Unlimited where they will be integrated into the company's X-Mo slow-motion replay systems. Besides the capability to record fast-action events in stunning high-definition and at incredibly fast frame-rates, X-Mo also yields even more versatility, including the ability to be used remotely as well as integrated seamlessly with all camera feeds allowing it to be used for both live on-air shots as well as for ultra-slow motion replays.

During Super Bowl XLIV, the nine Vision Research Phantom v640 cameras will be strategically deployed throughout Dolphin Stadium, each securing a position that will provide CBS Sports and NFL Films with the best possible viewpoint to capture each and every play of the game in 1920x1080, full-HD (CBS Sports will be recording at 1080i59 and NFL Films will be recording at 1080psf23.98). Additionally, camera operators will be using the Phantom v640s at speeds ranging from 420 frames-per-second (fps) to 1,000 fps, ultimately providing ultra-slow motion replay that far exceeds the capability of traditional slow-motion cameras.

Recording in ultra-slow motion under normal stadium lighting conditions previously posed a challenge for camera operators, as higher frame rates required increased gain for proper exposure; however, thanks to the Phantom v640's redesigned CMOS imaging sensor, this is no longer an issue. With significantly improved light sensitivity over previous generations, the Phantom v640's CMOS sensor gives Inertia Unlimited camera operators the ability to shoot with no gain, ultimately delivering the cleanest and lowest-noise image possible. Additionally, Inertia Unlimited's team of engineers have designed a custom color matrix, which will be fine-tuned to match the high-definition footage from other cameras in use by CBS Sports and NFL Films, allowing for seamless integration with all camera feeds.

This custom calibration employed by Inertia Unlimited allowed X-Mo to be used by FOX Sports as both a live and specialty camera during its recent broadcast of the 2009 World Series. The ability to take X-Mo live at any given point during the game and never having to sacrifice a camera position solely for slow-motion use, made X-Mo a true stand out addition to FOX Sports' World Series 2009 camera arsenal as well as during the network's regular season NFL coverage.

Vision Research's Phantom v640 is one of the most versatile, highest-performing digital high-speed cameras on the market today. A four mega-pixel camera offering a maximum resolution of 2560x1600, the Phantom v640 provides high-resolution imagery for maximum detail. The Phantom v640 can record at speeds greater than 1,400 fps at its full, four mega-pixel resolution, and offers a maximum recording speed of 300,000 fps at a reduced resolution. The Phantom v640's versatility continues as it can also be used as a standard camera with the ability to record at more traditional frame rates. As the camera will be used at Super Bowl XLIV, the Phantom v640 offers frame rates in full-HD, which range from 10 fps to over 2,700 fps.

Additional information and detailed specifications for the Vision Research Phantom v640 can be found here,

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Inertia Unlimited, Ltd., based in Jacksonville, Vermont, provides a unique array of exciting cameras for broadcast television and commercials, such as Gophercam for NASCAR on Fox, and robotic and hole-card cameras for poker. Inertia Unlimited is probably best known, though, for being home of X-Mo, an HD high-speed camera system based on Vision Research cameras. Inertia Unlimited offers broadcasters the ability to surprise, delight, and sometimes stun their viewers with the ever-evolving X-Mo system which debuted at the 2003 World Series on Fox, and sees nothing but a continually quickening growth in high-speed cameras. For additional information regarding Inertia Unlimited, please visit

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