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February 17, 2010 04:00 ET

No Bull Bingo Launches the 'Cheat Sheet 2010'

Money may be tight, but there is no need to stop playing online bingo. The Top Ten Bingo Cheat Sheet provides players with a credit crunch busting solution to playing bingo on a budget.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2010) - The No Bull Bingo cheat sheet provides players with the knowledge to make the most of online bingo promotions, bonuses and offers which will ultimately maximise their bingo winning potential. Full of common sense tips and helpful advice, players can use all or some of the tips to cash in on the many benefits of playing online bingo.

Bingo players should educate themselves and use the Top Ten Bingo Cheat Sheet to massively increase their chances of winning. By fully utilising the No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet players will become skilled and savvy online bingo players.

No Bull Bingo Top Ten Bingo Cheat Sheet 2010

  1. Players should join all online bingo sites that offer free bingo bonus offers – the bigger the bonus the better. Wink Bingo often have the best free bingo offers.

  2. Make use of ALL free bingo bonus cash to max out on bingo tickets purchased. The bonus is after all free bingo cash in the first place, what is not yours won't be missed. This is only bonus cash and so can't be withdrawn, better to take a risk with free bonus cash than real money.

  3. Play bingo rooms late at night – fewer players = more chance of winning, although smaller jackpots will only be available these small wins all mount up. Mirror Bingo is often quiet at night.

  4. Be selective about which bingo tickets to purchase. Online bingo players can often be quite superstitious so might use memorable dates such as birthdays and anniversaries when selecting bingo tickets. Choose cards which feature more bingo numbers over 31, this will slightly increase the odds of not having to share a jackpot win.

  5. Be chatty and friendly to ALL people in chat rooms, especially in the chat rooms where games are played that ask other players to nominate a roomie for a bonus.

  6. Join and play bingo sites that offer 'Player of the Month' prizes – then be nice to everyone especially the CM's.

  7. Watch out for all special offer reload bonuses – set up a Google news alert for the word 'bingo', this will keep players informed of where to fund accounts to get maximum deposit bonus cash. Facebook bingo site groups are another vital alert to bingo bonuses.

  8. Play bingo sites with the biggest jackpots, although there will be more players in the rooms, a win will be very lucrative. However, check the small print, some massive multi million pound bingo jackpots are virtually impossible to win.

  9. Play for prizes and not cash. It is a little known fact that players prefer to play for cash rather than prizes (even though often there is a cash alternative). These rooms could have impressive prizes but fewer players than the big cash games. Costa Bingo offer a wide range of bingo prizes.

  10. When playing at sites that offer free bingo all day, spend as much time on site as possible buying free bingo tickets. Use all cash sums won in these games to purchase tickets in funded bingo rooms. This will keep dedicated bingo players going all day and eventually, through persistence might deliver a sizeable bingo win.

Director of No Bull Bingo, Ben Thorns says "with times being hard especially just after Christmas everyone at the No Bull Bingo office decided to pool their collective knowledge and call in some favours to provide some great tips that would help out all online bingo fans". The cheat sheet is essentially a list of helpful tips and advice. "It is important to play smarter if you want to increase your chances of winning", adds Ben.

Bingo players are reminded that they should never play with more money than they can afford to lose.

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