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December 10, 2009 12:00 ET

No More Bottled Water: EcoloBlue Water Coolers Produce Water From Thin Air

Atmospheric Water Generators Extract Purest Drinking Water From Humidity in Air

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - There is a new buzz around the water cooler and this time the news is actually about the cooler itself. EcoloBlue Life & Energy introduces its newest bottle-less cooler, leaving days of big plastic jugs and heavy lifting by the wayside. Today's new, modern water coolers are called Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) and work by extracting humidity from the air, purifying it so consumers are left with the highest quality water available without the delivery costs, pollution and waste associated with traditional water coolers.

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Atmospheric water generators function like traditional water coolers, but have no bottles to refill. Instead, these newer bottle-less coolers extract up to eight gallons of water from the air with as little as 35 percent humidity. That means consumers no longer have to depend upon water delivery companies or heading to the store to purchase gallons or cases of bottled water. As a result, quality water is produced right from thin air with absolutely none of the hassle or waste.

"More than 52 thousand plastic bottles are wasted every minute. Americans buy close to 35 billion single-serving plastic water bottles every year, and that does not include water coolers consumed in the workplace," says Wayne Ferreira, co-president of EcoloBlue Life & Energy. "Now there is a solution where people can have access to the best quality of water available to them while saving money and the environment at the same time."

EcoloBlue's newest unit, the EcoloBlue 30, transforms the air in your home or office into water and filters it through a 12-stage process, which includes carbon filters, reverse osmosis and UV sterilization lights, to provide you with a unique water experience that benefits the body and the environment. The EcoloBlue 30 is also extremely energy efficient and saves money. For each gallon of water the unit creates, it uses, on average, 20 cents of electricity, which is about one dollar for every five gallons of water.

"When people buy bottled water, they fail to realize that water in many cases has already been on the shelves for several months," said Henri-James Tieleman, co-president of EcoloBlue. "With EcoloBlue water, you know your water is fresh because it is constantly replenished in real time and our 12-step filtration and purification process produces excellent quality, which has been proven by independent laboratories."

The EcoloBlue 30 is also compatible with city water main lines and can also function as a filter for tap water. The unit's sleek new design features a LCD touch-screen to easily choose hot or cold temperatures and comes in white, black and silver. EcoloBlue 30 water generators can be purchased online at

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EcoloBlue Life & Energy safeguards and promotes a sustainable environment with unique solutions in the water generation industry, the production of bio-degradable plastic and the generation of clean energy worldwide. EcoloBlue, supplies a 100 percent ecological industrial solution, generating Water, through solar or wind energy, to the most remote and not so remote areas in the world. EcoloBlue encourages people to help make a difference to reduce the world's pollution and provides millions of people access to pure drinkable Water.

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