SOURCE: Noble Systems Corporation

November 06, 2007 13:42 ET

Noble Systems® Partners With Nexidia™ for Speech Analytics

Technology Leaders Help Transform Contact Centre Data Into Business Intelligence to Improve Performance

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - November 6, 2007) - Noble Systems Corporation (NSC), a global leader in innovative contact centre technology solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Nexidia Inc. to provide speech analytics as part of the Noble™ Solution contact centre technology suite.

Noble Systems' partnership with Nexidia enables Noble's clients to search, measure and analyse the spoken words of its agents and end-customers to improve agent performance and customer experience. With speech intelligence, clients are able to make operational changes to improve customer satisfaction, assure compliance, and reduce operation costs. Additionally, clients are able to:

--  Accurately and quickly pinpoint specific words or phrases
--  Reduce training time
--  Identify 'precise' issues that Quality Assurance staff are able to
    focus on
--  Quickly build best practices in talk offs, scripting and rebuttals
--  Identify which call centre business processes can be off loaded to
    self help applications (IVR)
--  Reduce average handle time (AHT)
--  Obtain quick ROI

Nexidia's award-winning, patented Phonetic Search Engine (PSE) technology enables audio-video search by using phonemes -- the smallest unit of human speech. Clients can search large volumes of recorded audio quickly, accurately and with contextual relevance -- similar to searching in a web browser. Searches using phoneme pattern matching are executed on all words and phrases including blended words, proper names, slang, code words, nonstandard grammar patterns, and ad-hoc use of different languages.

"Our partnership with Noble Systems combines Nexidia's best of breed speech analytics solutions and Noble's award-winning contact centre platform in a strong end-to-end offering. This combination along with the depth of expertise and knowledge in both Nexidia and Noble Systems will deliver a very compelling solution to the Noble client base," said John Willcutts, President & CEO of Nexidia.

James K. Noble, Jr., President & CEO of Noble Systems, says, "Our Noble Recorder product can capture all contact centre audio and visual data which can now be converted into meaningful intelligence. For example, collectors can see trends in spoken promise-to-pays, and sales can determine trends in spoken objections. Many industries, like collections, are better able to comply with government regulations and other industry compliance standards. Speech analytics is already a killer application in the customer service industry and Noble Systems is developing this technology for a whole new breed of applications. Adding speech analytics is part of Noble Systems' commitment to providing its clients with intelligent contact centre solutions."

About Nexidia

Nexidia is the market-leading provider of highly scalable and accurate rich media search and speech analytics software. Servicing a global customer base since 2000, Nexidia transforms audio and video data into business intelligence, allowing both government and commercial enterprises, in industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Technology, Media Creation and Aggregation, Telecommunications and Outsourcing, to leverage untapped information previously locked away in audio-video content. Based on years of research and development, Nexidia's patented phonetic search engine is the only technology that allows the user to search on proper names, places, industry terms and jargon without extensive training and cumbersome dictionaries. The process is adaptable to a range of audio analyses and excels across the full spectrum of audio quality. For more information, please visit

About Noble Systems

Noble Systems Corporation (NSC) is a global leader in contact centre technology solutions, providing innovative products since 1989. Tens of thousands of agents at hundreds of client installations worldwide conduct business using the award-winning Noble platform for inbound/outbound/blended communications. The scalable, integrated Noble solution includes advanced ACD and predictive dialling; unified contact processing for voice, email, and web; and integrated IVR, digital recording, messaging, quality control/monitoring systems, scripting, and real-time reporting and management tools. Noble Systems was the first vendor to offer an open, scalable, fully-distributed platform.

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