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Noviden Technologies Inc.

May 27, 2009 07:00 ET

Noviden Technologies Inc.: Eat Healthful Food Everyday - Without a Hassle ! Save Hundreds on Your Monthly Food Budget by Using a Meal Plan

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwire - May 27, 2009) - Millions of people are facing the same dilemma everyday; what to put on the table. They are searching for the kind of food that is quick to prepare, nutritionally sound and that every one in the family will like. Then, just as you come up with the right meal idea, you realize you don't have the right ingredients, so it's a hassle. Then as a last resort you go for fast, convenience or restaurant food.

Eating out or indulging in fast or convenience food is not only taxing ones health, but (especially in these hard economic times) eats up good chunk of ones household budget. Preparing meals at home will guarantee savings of hundreds of dollars a month.

If the health issue does not raise compelling argument for home made meals, then the saving just may. Preparing your own food is a sensible, money saving opportunity, especially during financial crises!

Noviden Technologies Inc team has developed a proprietary meal-planning website The site has been designed to help the time-starved and health conscious users to plan and prepare healthy home made meals with the least amount of fuss and hassle. Be it lunch or a dinner allows paid subscribers to screen their recipe preferences based on their likes or dislikes of ingredients, cuisines, allergies or dietary restrictions (for example, diabetes or a heart condition). MealEasy also allows you to track nutritional content, including calories, fat and sodium. It will also generate a grocery list for the selected recipes which is organized in food groups for easy shopping.

Each meal featured on the MealEasy® site has been prepared by our acclaimed in house chef, tested by selected group of taste testers, and created based on a 10-15 minute preparation time with total "ready-in time" of 30-40 minutes. Having a meal plan to take care of your culinary needs make a lot of sense. It's predictable; saves you time and relieves anxiety; makes preparing food easy; helps you to control your weight using portion control; includes nutritional information; makes grocery shopping a breeze; and keeps your household food budget in check.

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Noviden Technologies Inc. is a privately owned company that engages in developing innovative and unique software applications. Improved quality of life through creative dietary planning is our primary focus in developing our core product.

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