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August 25, 2010 08:00 ET

Novo Energies Corporation Supports Colorado Legislation to Incentivize Sustainable Scrap Tire Processing

Colorado Approved House Bill 10-1018 on June 10, 2010, Which Creates Economic Incentives to Help the State Manage Scrap Tires

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  Novo Energies Corporation (OTCBB: NVNC) ("Novo" or the "Company"), an alternative energy company, announced today that it strongly supports the legislation that creates an encouraging environment for the sustainable processing of scrap tires in the state of Colorado. 

Novo recognizes the problems posed by scrap tires which include: being potentially an extremely difficult to extinguish fire hazard; trapping rainwater which may breed mosquitoes that can spread diseases; and being a bulky, virtually indestructible hazard that often works its way back up to the surface of landfills after burial. 

The bill aims to reduce the current stockpiles in Colorado, which to some estimates stand at approximately 43 million scrap tires. Under this legislation, processors and end users of waste tires will be reimbursed up to $65 per ton. 

Faisal Butt, Interim President, VP Corporate Finance & Communications, stated, "We applaud the efforts of the federal and state officials who have recognized waste tires as a major problem and have made such a step possible. Novo hopes to be a part of this effort and assist Colorado in eradicating the scrap tire problem."

Some additional characteristics of the bill include:

  • Consolidating authority for all tire fees collected in the department of public health and environment while adding requirements for fire prevention planning, registration, decals, and manifests for certain waste tire haulers and waste tire facilities.

  • Requiring the registration of waste tire facilities.

  • Creating a Waste Tire Market Development Fund in the state treasury.

  • Creating a Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund in the state treasury.

For a full copy of the bill please click on the following link:

About Novo Energies Corporation:

Novo Energies Corporation ("Novo") is an alternative energy company publicly trading on the OTC Bulletin Board market (OTCBB: NVNC). Based upon proprietary technology, Novo intends to own and operate recycling plants that will efficiently, economically, environmentally and profitably recycle scrap tires and plastics into energy and other commodities. The core of Novo's technology to recycle tires and plastics into energy is a Multi Stage Hybrid Gasification System, which undertakes the conversion of carbonaceous feedstock to a clean synthesis gas ("syngas") with an upgraded heating value in an environmentally friendly manner. Such process does not involve combustion or other reagents and pollutants. As an interim step, Novo will transform scrap tires and plastics into syngas, which will be used as a fuel for engines and turbines to produce electricity and heat in a cogeneration facility. The syngas may also be converted into transportation fuel or other fuel additives through the use of a standard catalyst based process such as Fischer-Tropsch.

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