September 13, 2005 06:30 ET

Now That Low-Carb Fad Is Over, "Pocket Dieting" Poised to Be Next Big Trend

GREAT FALLS, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 13, 2005 -- In a 2004 study conducted by Wisconsin's Community Memorial Hospital, 38 people lost a total of 295 pounds in just six weeks -- thanks to a revolutionary new eating plan that is set to take the dieting world by storm.

The name of the plan is The Pocket Diet, and unlike other diets, it lets you eat almost anything you want -- including formerly forbidden carbs. On The Pocket Diet, you'll also enjoy three meals and two snacks a day -- so you're never hungry. The yummy food and frequent meals (not to mention the generous, "pocket-sized" portions) ensure that you're more likely to stay with the diet in the long term. The proof? Ninety days after losing the weight, most of the study participants were still able to stick with the plan.

So, how does The Pocket Diet let you eat all that tasty food and still lose weight? The answer is portion control. "In this world of overabundance and fad diets, it has become difficult to know what normal eating really is," notes Barb Taggart, RD. The Pocket Diet is all about re-teaching that concept of normal eating. By fitting each meal into a pita pocket, you're eating about two to three ounces of food at a time -- not too much or too little. And as co-author and dietitian Caitlyn Lorenze notes, "Putting your food in a pita pocket is much easier than trying to visualize a portion the size of a tennis ball, or toting around food scales or measuring cups."

The Pocket Diet also offers an important feature many other diets don't -- convenience. Pocket Diet meals can be eaten almost anywhere and customized for the whole family. And other than the pita, no special foods have to be purchased. (And even the pita is optional after you've learned how to control your portions.)

Be the first to tell your readers about this amazing new trend. "The Pocket Diet" (published by LINX, ISBN 0964238691, Price: $10) outlines the plan in detail, includes recipes, and features the new USDA food pyramid. Authors Caitlyn Lorenze, RD, and George Kashou are available for interviews.

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