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Nurun Inc.

September 10, 2009 12:33 ET

Nurun Asks You: Online or Offline Media - That Is the Question

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 10, 2009) -

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Some of the world's largest brands are taking the leap of launching everything from chicken to routers - strictly through online means. These marketers are banking on the time consumers spend in online social communities, and point to research that shows online efforts are now neck and neck with TV advertising. On the flipside, however, are the traditionalists, the marketers who believe that a holistic multichannel branding approach continues to be most effective.

Nurun, a global interactive marketing agency, wants to know what you think. Join the debate in their Open Forum on, an interactive platform where industry players gather to express, exchange, and debate their point of view on the current topic - in real time.


Here's what the experts are saying:

- In 2009, 54 per cent of Americans own three or more TV sets. Considering this, it's not surprising that with more TVs to watch, Americans are watching more. However, this statistic alone isn't enough to support the claim that traditional advertising (TV, print, radio) is more effective. Another report, also released in 2009, indicates that approximately 57 percent of TV and Internet homes use both mediums simultaneously at least once a month (source: "A2/M2 Three Screen Report, Volume 5, 2nd Quarter, 2009, Nielsen).

- From July 2007 to August 2009, the percentage of U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses using traditional advertising continued to decline from 76 percent in 2007 to 69 percent in 2009. For the same time period, the percentage of U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses using online advertising steadily increased from 71 percent in 2007 to 77 percent in 2009 (source: eMarketer, August 2009).


Nurun strategists, Jean Pascal Mathieu and Christian Quenneville kick off the debate, offering their responses to the question: Can a brand launch a new product without the support of offline media?

"To say a brand can launch successfully via digital alone is like saying that you can release a feature film elsewhere than at the movies." Jean Pascal Mathieu, Vice President of Strategy, Nurun

"In a world of instant awareness, driven by consumers, I argue that we don't need to rely on offline campaigns to "launch" new products or services." Christian Quenneville, Vice President of Strategy, Nurun Montreal.

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