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November 11, 2009 13:18 ET

Nurun: What if Marketers Could Read Consumers' Minds?

Is the Online Strategy About Targeting or Experiencing?

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2009) -

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There's no question that advertising is everywhere. It's become a standard way of life that most of the connections we have are associated with advertising: backs of seats on airplanes, eggs, you name it. Marketers and analytics alike have become sophisticated with their means of targeting, and many times, can tell if someone is in the market for a new car or a summer vacation. But is that keen sense of targeting always the right approach? In their relentless pursuit of branding and sales, are marketers somehow depleting consumers of that social aspect of the "pleasure of variety" and shooting themselves in the foot in the process?

Nurun, a global interactive marketing agency, wants to hear your point of view on whether targeting is the right tactic or if in targeting the consumer, you inadvertently overlook the experience.

Join the debate in their Open Forum on, an interactive platform where industry players gather to express, exchange, and debate their point of view on the current topic - in real time.


Here's what the experts are saying:

- Results of the 2009 Advertising Effectiveness Study, conducted by Forbes, found that 57 percent of the 112 senior level advertising, marketing, and media representatives who have used behavioral targeting as a method of marketing found that it met expectations. 87 percent of the respondents said they measure results in their digital campaigns in some way. Finally, in the same survey, behavioral targeting ranked No. 4 among the most effective methods of generating conversions.

- On somewhat of the flipside of this argument, it is not so much targeting marketing that's important to consumers; so much as it is about the engagement, connection, and experience. A recent study of more than 1,000 online consumers showed that 26 percent want a "unique experience" and as many as 35 percent would return to a shopping/product Web site if it makes helpful recommendations (source: Synovate/Guidance Solutions Research).

Regardless of which tactic you support, it's clear that success points to a two-way consumer connection as the right tact to take.


Amy Manus, director of media at Nurun, and Pablo Melchor, vice president, consulting, Nurun Europe, begin Nurun's third debate, by answering the question: What if marketers could read consumers' minds?

"If we want to increase sales, we cannot think of the act of buying merely as a transaction that we need to optimize; for consumers shopping is an experience, and it is satisfactory experiences that drive loyalty." Pablo Melchor, Vice President, Consulting, Nurun Europe.

"As consumers, we feel more compelled to take action, immediately or shortly after exposure, when the product advertised is one we have already shown interest in." Amy Manus, Director of Media, Nurun Atlanta.

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