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April 19, 2010 13:30 ET

Old Trail School Selects Natural, On-Site Living Machine® System Over Traditional Central Wastewater Treatment

The Living Machine® System Uses an Advanced, Wetland-Based Process to Treat All of the School's Wastewater; Students and Visitors Surprised, Engaged by Beauty and Educational Value of the Living Machine® System

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA and BATH, OH--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) -  Old Trail School, in Northern Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park, decided to lead by example when it comes to water sustainability and re-use by commissioning Worrell Water Technologies' Living Machine®system. By locating the Living Machine®system on the main campus, the school demonstrates that treating wastewater naturally and on site is a viable, safe option with no odor.

Like many buildings in rural locations, Old Trail School needed to choose between an on-site system or connecting to the city sewer system. But after considering the high construction costs and tie in fees, along with complex building specifications and the necessity of laying of water pipes, Head of School, John Farber, found another, more environmentally-friendly alternative developed by Worrell Water Technologies.

"Sustainability is a critical factor in our school's operation. So, we opted to be more forward-thinking and select an environmentally correct on-site wastewater treatment system that would enable us to teach good stewardship by doing good stewardship. The Living Machine® system fit that vision," said Mr. Farber.

"Old Trail School's initiative demonstrates that ecological wastewater treatment can improve water quality as well as create a beautiful asset," said William Kirksey, Senior Vice President, Worrell Water Technologies. "The water quality coming out of a Living Machine® system is so high that the treated water meets stringent National Park discharge standards and flows directly into a stream on the School's grounds, and from there into the Cuyahoga River."

The Living Machine® system at Old Trail School is an advanced wetland system, composed of three different wetland processes which treat 5,000 gallons of wastewater per day. Located inside and outside a greenhouse, wastewater flow always is below the surface of watertight cells in the pore spaces between rock particles so there is no smell, mosquitoes, or potential of contamination for students or wildlife. 

The Living Machine® system also provides Old Trail School with a unique educational opportunity for its students. Mr. Farber added, "The Living Machine® system demonstrates to students that natural systems can support human development. In addition to the main treatment system we have smaller demonstration ponds and wetlands which allow students to understand the inner-workings of the system. This 'Living Classroom' provides a hands-on experience with ecological processes at work." 

How does the Living Machine® system work?
The Living Machine® system adapts and enhances the ecological processes in a tidal wetland, Nature's most productive ecosystem. The alternating anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) conditions cycles help make the Living Machine® technology the most advanced ecological treatment system available to treat high-strength (blackwater) sewage in a safe, attractive and cost-effective manner.

The water produced by a Living Machine® system is high-quality, clear water capable of being reused for a variety of functions including irrigation, toilet flushing, AC makeup, industrial processes, washing equipment or animal areas, filling landscape water features (i.e. fish ponds and fountains) and other such uses. For more information on how it works, go to

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