George Pratt

George Pratt

August 09, 2008 18:08 ET

Olympic Gold and the Emperor's Sunrise-Connecting Through the Spirit of the Jade

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 9, 2008) - George Pratt -

"Any Olympic athlete aspiring to a gold medal in Beijing would do well to visit the Emperor's Sunrise and carry the spirit of the jade to the field of contest."

So says sculptor George Pratt, the Canadian artist who created The Emperor's Sunrise. Pratt refers to the stunning sculpture in jade which graces the entrance to the British Columbia/Canada Pavilion, a Canadian showcase recently opened to the public adjacent to Tianammen Square. (

"Throughout Chinese history," says Pratt, "Jade has been has been more than a decorative stone; it has been the definitive metaphor for the very fabric of Chinese culture; an icon of excellence and virtue, often described as 'The Stone of Heaven'. This historical connection to jade was somewhat obscured in the years of the tumultuous birth of the Peoples' Republic-but by the fitting decision to adorn the 2008 Olympic Gold Medals with a jade inlay, the connection has been jarred awake. The decision was fitting because Chinese tradition holds that an adornment of jade represents fine and noble excellence, to be properly bestowed upon the worthiest of the worthy."

Pratt goes on, "There is an innate potency abiding within the heart of every fine piece of jade. The Emperor's Sunrise, in particular, radiates a positive energy that is fairly palpable. Any person who would visit the Emperor (as Pratt calls it) should look closely just above the centre on the polished face; there one will see a tiny, glowing 'eye'. From this eye emanates the power within the stone. Any who would touch it, as long as their mind is open, will at once be suffused with the dynamism from within. If the supplicant be an Olympic athlete, they will go to their competition with an invincible connection to the gold they seek. To all Canadian athletes, I say 'Go to the Emperor; it is close by you in the heart of Beijing; touch the eye; the power within will come upon you like a talisman; carry it with you and do well in Olympic competition'."

To view the Canadian dignitaries at the opening of the BC/Canada Pavilion, please click on the following link:

To view the 'eye of the Emperor', please click on the following link:

To view Premier Campbell taking energy from the 'eye', please click on the following link:

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