July 16, 2009 14:00 ET

OnTrace Comments on FPT Ministers Commitment to National Traceability System

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 16, 2009) -

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The Board of Directors of OnTrace Agri-food Traceability (OnTrace) was pleased to hear federal and provincial governments reached an agreement on a date for a national livestock traceability system and committed to national support for industry as it drives forward to meet those requirements. OnTrace is somewhat surprised by the speed at which the Ministers want to institute traceability and the implied frameworks required to implement such a plan.

In this regard, the organization understands the concerns expressed about the potential burden on Ontario's producers and processors. The company already works within the guidelines of the evolving national system and will help industry meet the ambitious goal set down by the Ministers.

Curtiss Littlejohn, Chair of OnTrace said, "We appreciate the commitment by both the federal and provincial governments to a National Agriculture and Food Traceability System. At the same time, OnTrace recognizes our industry stakeholders have expressed concerns about the potential for increased costs. OnTrace believes we can find a better way to implement traceability as we demonstrated in delivering Ontario's premises registry." Littlejohn continued by saying, "As traceability is a key tool for both public and animal health, On Trace looks forward to working with government to develop cost sharing measures. As we build legislation, regulation and implement systems to achieve improved traceability, we need to ensure that public and market access benefits from traceability are aptly supported."

OnTrace CEO, Brian Sterling, went further to say, "OnTrace is the go-to organization in Ontario supporting industry-driven traceability initiatives. We are here to help industry achieve the benefits, minimize the costs and develop efficient implementation of traceability. Our approach is to access and use business information that everyone - farmers, truckers, wholesalers, retailers - already gathers during their daily transactions. The idea is to employ this transactional data in a way that enables rapid transfer and almost immediate integration with other data sources in the event of an emergency. This cutting edge interoperability of standards and data systems will place Ontario and Canada at the forefront of traceability."

OnTrace currently operates the Ontario Agri-food Premises Registry (OAPR) for industry and government. The organization works closely with horticulture, grains and oilseeds, livestock and poultry businesses across the food supply chain. OnTrace has previously announced collaborative agreements with a number of major Ontario agriculture and agri-food organizations, as well as national organizations like GS1 Canada, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, and Agri-tracabilite Quebec.


OnTrace is the industry-led not-for-profit corporation created to lead food traceability programs and initiatives in the province of Ontario. OnTrace's goals are: to deliver traceability solutions that will enable the agriculture and agri-food industry in Ontario to become more innovative and competitive and; to strengthen the capacity of industry and government to respond to emergencies related to agriculture and agri-food welfare and public safety. The OnTrace Board of Directors is made of senior industry leaders from a cross-section of agriculture and other industry sectors.

OnTrace is located at: 1030 Gordon Street, Suite 202, Guelph, ON N1G 4X5. Our contact coordinates are: Toll Free 1-888-38-TRACE (8-7223) Phone 519.766.9292, Fax 519.766.1313. For media kit and further information, visit: www.ontraceagrifood.com.

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