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February 17, 2010 11:35 ET

Onboard Retailing Report Reveals a Cash Cabin

Airline revenues are evolving (again). In a new report, GuestLogix and Airline Weekly explain how.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2010) - GuestLogix, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:GXI) and Airline Weekly

The airline industry has undergone quite a transformation in the past decade. Low cost carriers have made significant inroads into major markets. High-profile mergers and bankruptcies have reduced the number of legacy airlines in the Americas and Europe. The volatility of fuel prices has exposed weaknesses in an industry long on fixed costs and relatively static on unit price. Online booking and third-party fare aggregators have ushered in an age of perpetual bargain-seeking among consumers.

All of these changes have led the industry to experience the biggest change to its business model in decades - a growing emphasis on ancillary revenues. And even here, the industry is beginning to transform again with a new report to be released by GuestLogix and Airline Weekly - the Airline Weekly GXI Onboard Retail Benchmark 2009.

GuestLogix, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:GXI), the leading provider of onboard store technology to the airline industry and Airline Weekly, the leading news weekly covering the global airline industry business, teamed up to prepare and distribute the first-of-its-kind report, which demonstrates how the airline industry is looking to augment compulsory fees (like checked baggage charges) with new, consumer-centric revenue generation models.

Specifically, the report analyzes the ways in which airlines in various regions have developed onboard retail strategies, from food and beverage sales to duty free to innovative passenger comfort and virtual goods offerings, creating a more fulfilling onboard experience in the process.

With the advent of in-cabin credit card processing, "cashless" cabins have become the preferred operating style for many airlines, facilitating more sales and offerings of many different items. In effect, this technology has allowed airlines to pursue value-driven ancillary revenue strategies within the passenger cabin itself.

The Benchmark report breaks down the results of these strategies in terms of region, routes, retail models and product category. Compiled and analyzed over the past 15 months, the report covers the in-cabin operations of global and regional airlines representing nearly one-third of the annual passenger trips worldwide. The statistics, analyses and trends included in the report function as a benchmark of onboard retail success for the industry as a whole.

"The airline industry, from a revenue standpoint, is in an innovation-by-necessity period, and every bit of new information counts. Now we have this new, critical data in the industry's most dynamic space - onboard retail. Airlines with the fastest growing non-ticket revenues are commanding attention, as this could - at last - be a step toward sustainable profit generation, with strong respect for the consumer," said Mr. Seth Kaplan, Managing Partner of Airline Weekly.

"These trends indicate that onboard retail has already become a game-changing strategic play for the airline industry," said Mr. Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. "This benchmark marks a way forward for airlines as well as passengers."

The Airline Weekly GXI Onboard Retail Benchmark is the industry's first holistic snapshot of the status of onboard retailing today. For an industry well accustomed to transformation and reinvention, the onboard retail report is a bright signpost on the path forward.

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