One School System Network

One School System Network

October 10, 2007 21:00 ET

One School System Network to Government and All MPPs: Make This Election the Last One About Faith-Based Education

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 10, 2007) - The Liberal Government's re-election is a victory by the people of Ontario against public funding of faith-based schools. It is not a vote of confidence in their waffled continued support of Catholic schools. It was a vote for the lesser evil.

The new Liberal Government must not ignore the wishes of the distinct majority of Ontario's citizens who, during the provincial election, expressed their objection to the funding of any faith-base education scheme through the public purse.

The One School System Network calls upon all Ontario's political parties to re-evaluate their respective public school governance policies. All MPPs, regardless of their political affiliation, have an obligation to support the large majority of their constituents who wish them to advocate and support the establishment of a single, secular publicly funded school system for the province of Ontario.

MPPs heard, at many a door step, the emotional call by voters that the time has come to end special privilege for one specific religious group and to create an all-inclusive public school system.

The One School System Network calls upon the Liberal Government to immediately establish a Commission to reassess the governance structures of the current school board system with the purpose of establishing a single, non-sectarian school system.

The One School System Network would welcome a Referendum to establish a one non-sectarian school system, should the Government wish to consult with the people.

Ontario is a growing diverse secular society and it is clear that the current dual system of publicly funded school boards is no longer a viable option for present day Ontario. Ontario is no longer a Protestant and Catholic society; but a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-faith society. Ontario's education must reflect this reality by establishing an inclusive secular school system.

Failure to heed the voice of the people will be seen as much more than a necessary broken promise more like a democratic betrayal.

The Liberal government and individual MPPs have a clear choice starting their mandate - either set up a commission, or Legislative committee, to achieve an end to Catholic religious privilege in education or face another religion-focused, controversial election.

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