ONESTOP Media Group and Art for Commuter

September 27, 2007 15:10 ET

Onestop announces Nuit Blanche program on TTC Network

ONESTOP Media Group and Art for Commuters announce Toronto Urban Film Festival Winners and plans for more art in public spaces during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, City Editor, Media Editor, Transportation Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRESS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 27, 2007) - Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) organizers, ONESTOP Media Group (OMG) and Art for Commuters (A4C), report 171 film submissions, 60 finalists, and announce 10 winners in its first year. The volume of public and corporate support for TUFF, has made it possible for the organizers to continue to aid Canadian media artists in their on-going search for public exposure opportunities. For a complete list of TUFF winners, visit:
"We would like to thank all the participating artists and corporate sponsors for coming together to make art in a public space possible. We are looking forward to launching several more arts and cultural programs with Art for Commuters, like Nuit Blanche's "Words Travel Fast" launching on the ONESTOP TTC Network this Saturday." Michael Girgis, ONESTOP Media Group
"We are thrilled with the amount of interest that exists within the general public for this kind of programming. We received just under 6000 audience votes for the films in TUFF this first year. I know that Words Travel Fast will fill a similar need for creative content through its fusion of motion graphics and poetry." Sharon Switzer, Art for Commuters
"WORDS TRAVEL FAST" is a Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Project funded by the Ontario Arts Council. Animations based on the work of three Toronto writers will be screened in the Toronto Transit Commission's subway stations across the city from dusk until dawn (starting at 7:03 pm, September 29, 2007). Six Words Travel Fast animations will be playing on Onestop's TTC network on subway station digital screens for the entire twelve hours, without interruption from news flashes and marketing. The 6 motion-poems commissioned for Words Travel Fast emerged from the collaborative pairing of poet Emily Pohl-Weary with motion graphics artist Karen Richardson, poet Emily Schultz with motion graphics artist Franco Barroeta Fonseca, and poet Zoe Whittall with motion graphics artist Emma Lopez.

"It's fascinating to watch my urban poetry being translated into such a contemporary art form. They're poems about the city at night, so it's perfect that they'll be screened in the wee hours of Nuit Blanche."
Emily Pohl-Weary

"Writing a poem is a solitary act. Watching that poem transform into a short film and broadcast to its widest potential audience makes something abstract and solitary into a more tangible, community experience."
Emily Schultz

"I've learned that poetry can trigger so much imagery and inspiration that can be brought into motion graphics and animation; I think this symbiosis should be seen more often."
Franco Barroeta Fonseca

"Words Travel Fast " will air on the entire ONESTOP TTC network of screens until 1:30 am. After this time, the TTC will be reducing its service, so you will find the motion-poems in the following stations: St. George, St. Andrew, Union; King, Queen, Dundas, Wellesley, Bloor-Yonge, Bay, Broadview, and St. Clair.
/For further information: Sharon Switzer, President - Art For Commuters
(P) 647-998-8132 (E)

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