October 18, 2006 13:45 ET

Online Book Buyer - - Adds Store Credit as a Payment Option

SAN LEANDRO, CA--(Collegiate Presswire - October 18, 2006) -, a leading online book-buying website, now offers store credit at, in addition to cash payments by check or PayPal. provides customers with more than 200,000 new and used books to select from and free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. has books on subjects like: Alcoholism & Recovery, Baseball, Car Repair, China, Civil War, Cookbooks, Crafts, Films, Firearms, Fishing, Gardening, Golf, Harry Potter, History, How-to, War, Sex, Travel, Weddings, Maps and more.

"Store credit allows us to pay almost twice as much as cash for books," said Michael Johnson, founder of and, both Pacific Book Exchange LLC web sites. "Since many of our book-selling customers are also book-buying customers, it really works out great for everyone."

Johnson added they've found that people buying or selling books don't want to pay shipping costs, which is why both, which buys books, and, which sells books, do not require the customer to pay shipping. buys the largest variety of new and used books in three easy steps:

1) Enter the books' International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).

2) Receive an instant online purchase offer (or decline).

3) Then ship requested books; pays for the postage via its merchandise return label.

After receipt of the books, pays the customer.


Michael Johnson and Joy Johnson, co-founders of, an offshoot of their book company the Pacific Book Exchange LLC, started their family business in their garage in 1997. Since then, the business has grown to 15 employees, utilizing 17,000 square feet of warehouse space. Pacific Book Exchange's eBay store is the 15th largest store of any kind on eBay and the third largest eBay anchor store in the books category. It offers 200,000 books online.

Pacific Book Exchange has recycled over 1 million pounds of obsolete or damaged books, saving 11,000 trees. Also, it has donated over 40,000 children's books in the last two years to the Children's Book Project, as well as donated books (up to 10,000 books) to local high school and boys and girls clubs.

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