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March 30, 2010 09:05 ET

Online Seminar Listing Launches -

BROOKLINE, MA--(Marketwire - March 30, 2010) -  Webinars have been growing as an online training and lead generation tool over the past few years, and companies are starting to use them as an important part of their marketing mix to educate current customers about their products, educate potential customers about their industry, and to develop a reputation as a thought leader. The webinar/webcast market is expected to increase from $83MM in 2007 to $3.4BB in 2014. Webinars go by a variety of other names, including online seminar, web-based seminar, virtual seminar, online education, webcast and web conference, but are all virtual and scheduled.

WebinarListings launched two weeks ago in beta, and serves one purpose -- to get the word out about upcoming webinars, in any area of interest, in any area of the world. The site's founder, Rachel Levy, says, "The website brings together webinar hosts and webinar participants -- webinar hosts add their own webinars to the website for free, and those interested in online education can search for what interests them." The benefit to Webinar hosts is that they have the ability to reach new participants that they would not have otherwise reached. The benefit to Webinar participants is that they can find many learning opportunities all on one website, in their area of interest, such as marketing, leadership, public speaking, job search, non-profit, technology, and more. There are currently 100 webinars listed on the site, and 135 total since the site launched.

Webinars are free to post on WebinarListings, or hosts can also choose to upgrade their webinars to "Featured Webinars" for a fee, which increases their visibility through promotion on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS feed, email and better search rankings on the website. During the beta launch of the website, some hosts will be accepted to be "Premium Beta Testers," and will be upgraded to Featured Listings at no charge.

Overall, WebinarListings will prove to be a great service and resource for online education and training.

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WebinarListings is a website that brings together Webinar hosts and Webinar participants. It's a central directory of upcoming webinars from all over the world, in a variety of interest areas from marketing to health to law.

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