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Ontario Centres Of Excellence Inc.

May 02, 2008 08:00 ET

Ontario Technologies Triumph at Discovery 08

Best-selling authors Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Michael Raynor headline premier innovation event

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 2, 2008) - More than 1,500 of Ontario's top scientists, investors, researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs will exchange ideas, inventions and showcase their inventions at Discovery 08, Canada's premier innovation and commercialization conference.

Hosted by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Discovery will give participants a first-hand chance to see, touch and try out never-before-seen Ontario-based technologies from the province's sharpest minds. Among them may be the next breakthrough that could have global markets knocking on Ontario's door.

"Discovery attracts the province's who's who when it comes to bringing new technologies to market," said Mark Romoff, OCE's President and CEO. "Ontario is a hot-bed of innovation, and this event will motivate, educate and celebrate what Ontario is capable of."

Taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 12 and 13, the event's keynote speakers will offer original ideas and theories that are anything but conventional.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the best-selling author of The Black Swan, pulls no punches. The trader-turned-philosopher told Forbes magazine, "Random tinkering is the path to success. And fortunately, we are increasingly learning to practice it without knowing it - thanks to overconfident entrepreneurs, naive investors, greedy investment bankers, confused scientists and aggressive venture capitalists."

Joining Taleb will be Michael Raynor, author of The Strategy Paradox. "There is a direct relationship between The Strategy Paradox and what OCE does," said Raynor, referring to OCE's mission of creating new jobs, markets and prosperity by bringing together the research community, government and industry.

"Because of its population, Canada faces understandable limits on capital, on the ability to conduct and fund research and on the supply of talented managers," said Raynor. "My talk will focus on how to get better at making strategic choices and reducing risks when bringing new technologies to market."

This year's Discovery conference also features minimal risk in terms of participants walking away uninspired:

- Exhibitors will go beyond the traditional handshake and brochure by demonstrating cutting-edge inventions such as compact wind turbines, the latest laser therapy treatments and a whole new way to look at your desktop

- Industry leaders from cleantech, life sciences and digital media will roll up their sleeves to discuss and debate industry trends, challenges and opportunities

- The Ontario Science Centre will encourage participants to loosen their ties and take part in Survivor-like engineering and scientific challenges

- OCE's Mind to Market Award will celebrate the most outstanding OCE-supported research-industry collaborations

Media interested in attending Discovery can register in advance by contacting Sean McNeely at (416)-861-1092 ext. 1034 or sean.mcneely@oce-ontario.org. To learn more about Discovery, visit www.ocediscovery.com.

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