Opseu Local 506

Opseu Local 506

September 22, 2005 19:38 ET

Ontario Truck Inspectors Saved 122 Lives Last Year

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ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 22, 2005) - TORONTO - Roadside inspections of commercial trucks saved 122 lives, avoided 1,951 injuries, and prevented 2,846 crashes in Ontario last year, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union says.The union based its calculation on a 2004 study commissioned by the Michigan Truck Safety Commission. The study concluded that for every 1,000 truck inspections, 0.86 lives are saved, 19.97 crashes are avoided, and 13.69 injuries are prevented. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario conducted 143,000 roadside inspections last year.The Michigan study has added fuel to a campaign by Transportation Enforcement Officers (TEOs) to boost the number of staff - and hence, inspections - performed in Ontario."A large number of unsafe trucks are not being caught by the current inspection system," said Joe Daniel, president of Local 506 of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and a TEO in Aurora. "Statistics from the Ministry of Transportation indicate that Ontario had a 19.5 per cent out-of-service rate for unsafe commercial motor vehicles during announced roadside inspections. Yet during unannounced blitzes, the average out-of-service rate is 41.5 per cent."What that says is that the province could double the number of truck inspections and still not catch every unsafe truck."Ontario has lost approximately 70 TEOs to attrition, as the McGuinty government has failed to fill the vacant positions, Daniel said."The Premier has a choice: save money, or save lives," said Daniel. "We are telling him to fill those positions now."


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