September 26, 2007 09:30 ET

OpenEAI Project Announces Planning Meeting Dates and Invites Participation in the Design and Implementation of the OpenEAI 5.0 Platform for Service Oriented Architecture

CHAMPAIGN, IL--(Marketwire - September 26, 2007) - The OpenEAI Software Foundation, a non-profit corporation organized to develop and promote open source enterprise application integration, announced today it is inviting technologists and enterprise IT experts to participate in the planning and implementation process for determining the features, functionality, and prioritization of features for its upcoming version 5.0 of the OpenEAI Platform for Service Oriented Architecture, consisting of foundational APIs and reference implementations of core enterprise integration services and connectors. The conferences, scheduled to take place in November and January as two separate, day-long events, will be held in the EnterpriseWorks building in the Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will also be accessible as Webinars. If you are interested in attending or participating in these events, you are asked to register at least one week prior to the event date by sending an e-mail to: Please indicate in the email whether you will be attending in person or participating via the Webinar. A confirmation e-mail with additional information will be sent to you. There is no cost to attend or participate in these planning conferences. Lunch will be provided for participants at the EnterpriseWorks building for both events by the OpenEAI Software Foundation.

Event 1
Focus:     Prioritizing the features for the OpenEAI 5.0 foundational APIs
           and reference implementations.
Date:      Monday, November 12, 2007
Time:      10 AM - 5 PM central standard time
Location:  EnterpriseWorks building, Room 130
           60 Hazelwood Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820.

Event 2
Focus:     Review the status of the implementations and decide where the
           cutoff of features will be, and which will actually make it to
Date:      Monday, January 14, 2008
Time:      10 AM - 5 PM central standard time
Location:  EnterpriseWorks building, Room 130
           60 Hazelwood Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820.

OpenEAI 5.0 is targeted for release in the spring or summer of 2008. For more information on these meetings and the OpenEAI 5.0 process, visit the organization's Web site: or send an email to

Interested parties not already familiar with OpenEAI 4.0 are invited to download the current OpenEAI 4.0 APIs, Reference Implementations, and Sample Enterprise at The software, technology, and methodology is well-documented and designed to provide the planning, documentation, and preparations required to maximize the full capabilities and benefits of implementing a service oriented architecture for both exposing application services and enterprise application integration.

"As we continue to expand and refine the capabilities of the OpenEAI Platform, we're hoping to get input from and collaborate with individuals and enterprise organizations regarding what they see as the most important functions in order to build a prioritized technology roadmap for the future," stated Tod Jackson, President of the OpenEAI Software Foundation. "We also invite commercial software companies to participate, as the integration with key enterprise applications is very important for OpenEAI's broader adoption and successful deployments."

About OpenEAI 4.0

OpenEAI 4.0 provides an open source architectural framework and development platform that includes a comprehensive set of software APIs, utilities, reference implementations, and other administrative tools designed to enable mission critical data integration between enterprise applications. The software is a set of foundational APIs for application development and implementing service oriented architectures. It includes reference implementations of core enterprise services that constitute an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It also contains a comprehensive set of runtime management and monitoring scripts and documentation for managing deployed services and application gateways or connectors. OpenEAI also provides complete reference implementations of typical applications that use these core integration services to request information from other applications and synchronize data changes. Critical infrastructure applications such as message routers, message proxies, point-to-point destination polling applications, and testing applications are also maintained and documented by the project.

The OpenEAI Sample Enterprise includes the OpenEAI ESB along with a pre-developed set of gateways and open source applications packaged to provide immediate functionality and a ready-made environment for testing, prototyping, and pre-deployment evaluation. Sample Enterprise applications include uPortal, Sakai, CAS (Centralized Authentication Service), self-service portlets, self-service client/server applications, a data warehouse, and sample ERP systems among others. The sample enterprise includes scripts, documentation, and on-demand demonstrations to walk users through the integrations implemented for these applications.

About the OpenEAI Software Foundation

Founded as a membership-based, non-profit corporation in October 2002, the OpenEAI Software Foundation's mission is to build and sustain the OpenEAI Project by providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the OpenEAI project and closely-related endeavors. The foundation was created with the assistance of the University of Illinois and Open Integration Incorporated.

About the OpenEAI Project

The OpenEAI Project is an open source project dedicated to discovering and documenting the controlling dynamics, principles, and practices of enterprise application integration and to present, implement, and promote those findings to its members and community through the open source licensing of its software. The Project is comprised of six distinct, but closely-related departments, which address OpenEAI Methodology, Application Foundation APIs, Message Object API, Message Definitions, Reference Implementations, and Deployment and Administration that together comprise the core services of the OpenEAI ESB. The development, availability, and evolution of open source Enterprise Application Integration software is important to IT managers at enterprise corporations within all industries. More information about the OpenEAI Project software, documentation, and licensing information is available at:

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