September 26, 2013 15:00 ET

OpenKit, the Open Source, Cross Platform Back-End for Mobile Game Developers, Goes Live With Ten Developers Aiming to Build "Truly Social" Games, Candy Crush™ Style

Pivvot, the Third Biggest Free Game on iOS With Two Million Downloads Last Week, and AAA Studio Bongfish Lead the Way Into a New Era of "Real Friends" Social Leaderboards and Social Challenges

BURLINGAME CA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2013) -  OpenKit, the open source back-end platform for "truly social" cross platform games, announced today that V1.0 of the back-end service is now live across iOS and Android, with Unity™ plug-in support, and is now available to all developers at

OpenKit was conceived last December to replace OpenFeint which was shut down leaving thousands of game developers without social features such as leaderboards and achievements. In just a few months, more than 10 developers have defined OpenKit's beta.

"We're breaking down the silos of vertical services that come with mobile platforms. OpenKit is the only platform that supports Game Center ids, Google+ ids and Facebook ids, so players can play games with 'real friends' and challenge each other regardless of the type of device and game. Even Amazon recognized the importance our vision last week, when they announced that their Android-only GameCircle service was being extended to iOS. However GameCircle is neither open source nor is it taking the approach toward universal authentication like OpenKit. And developers can seamlessly slide in OpenKit which wraps both Game Center APIs and Google Play Services," said Lou Zell, Todd Hamilton and Suneet Shah, co-founders of OpenKit.

"OpenKit is a great and easy-to-implement service.that enables cross platform 'real friends' social leaderboards. Plus, it's open source and the guys behind it are nice, responsive, and work closely with you every step of the way," said Whitaker Trebella the developer of Pivvot, that was recently selected as Game of the Week by Apple and received over two million downloads and submitted over one million scores to OpenKit.

"The OpenKit model fits our needs very well: a clean API on top of simple services that just work the way you expect, with a dedicated team to maintain all the infrastructure for us. Compared to other solutions, OpenKit has been very easy to get up and running and doesn't get in the way by trying to be too smart with our data," said Duncan Tebbs of Oyatsukai Games.

Features and Benefits, Available for iOS and Android, with Unity plug-ins
Social Leaderboards: In addition to Game Center and Google+ Leaderboards, you can set up and compare scores with your real friends using Facebook based credentials.

Social Challenges: When a friend beats your score, you get a push notification, immediately pulling you back into the game; great for re-engagement so your game stays at the top of the charts.

Async Social Multi-Player: Using cloud storage and ghosting, you can now challenge each other across any platform with real replays of friends' games.

Social Achievements: You can measure your progress in games versus your friends.

Seamless Wrappers for Game Center APIs and Google Play Services: As a developer you can integrate OpenKit within 30 minutes to get all this functionality.

"OpenKit 1.0 is all about engagement and re-engagement in games, especially important now, since both Apple's and Google's store ranking algorithms take engagement into account," said Peter Relan, Chairman of Agawi and co-founder of OpenFeint.

OpenKit is an open source, freemium platform. If the developer's game becomes a hit, and the Monthly Active User count reaches a high number, the developer can pay OpenKit a monthly fee. Developers may also host the back-end service themselves for no charge since OpenKit is open source.

Endorsements for OpenKit from Developers
"We're having a blast with our game, mainly because of all the social stuff that we could only do because of OpenKit. It's easy to use, really stable and fast," said Christian Stocker, Bongfish Games.

"OpenKit takes all the pain out of implementing cross platform social features like Leaderboards and Challenges. It's saved us a huge amount of development time," said Dave Mitchell, Founder of Two Tails.

Developers on board with OpenKit
Oyatsukai Games
Battery Acid Games
Dumadu Games
Two Tails
Maysalward Games
Kymo Games

About OpenKit
OpenKit is the open source back-end platform for "truly social" cross platform games. OpenKit is led by the team that built the Joypad developer SDK, adopted by over 100 developers, for making tablets games remotely controllable by smartphones. OpenKit is an open source platform for Android and iOS for developers who want the freedom to host their own back-end service. The source code is made available under Apache (for client code) and AGPL (for server code) licenses. Developers can learn more at

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