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November 07, 2005 10:42 ET

Optimal iQ Launches New Public Site to Provide Industry Data and Market Intelligence on the Growing Click Fraud Trend Gives Online Advertisers a Look at Potential False Clicks by Honing in on Key Market and Behavioral Attributes That Identify Suspicious Activity

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- Ad:Tech -- Optimal iQ, a leading web analytics provider, today announced the launch of ClickFraudIndex (, the first public site focused on providing true in-depth statistics and information, industry data, and various trend figures on the growing threat of click fraud. The site features market attributes that affect occurrences of Click Fraud by focusing on key vertical markets. It breaks reporting out into distinct areas of aggregate data and industry intelligence. ClickFraudIndex also utilizes the Optimal iQ Click Forensics™ Rating Engine (, allowing the Company to provide high-level reporting to advertisers and ad agencies in order to detect and report on unwanted click activity.

The ClickFraudIndex functions as a central site to obtain important market and industry data in relation to click fraud activity. The site divides reporting into two areas: aggregate data, which uses the Click Forensics™ technology to score and identify warning signs of fraudulent activity, and industry data, in which top industries that have a growing click fraud concern are examined. Using Click Forensics™ to recognize inconsistent or suspicious activity allows Optimal iQ to include information such as time of day, day of week, country of origin and other factors relating to click fraud in the aggregate data section of the ClickFraudIndex site. The aggregate data is utilized to report on industry trends alerting clients to raised threat levels by key attributes. Additionally, the industry data section examines market attributes such as the keyword price and price trends that affect the instance of click fraud in key industries including travel, financial services, auto insurance, retail, consumer electronics, and click fraud terms. There is also a news section highlighting recent writings on click fraud activity.

"With the rising cost of search terms in online advertising, companies can no longer afford to lose valuable marketing budget dollars on fraudulent clicks," says Tom Cuthbert, President and COO of Optimal iQ. "We developed the ClickFraudIndex site to focus on the growing threat of click fraud and to help keep advertisers and agencies informed on industry and market trends. The information on the site in combination with the Click Forensics™ monitoring service allows our customers to keep an eye out and be prepared for potential fraudulent click activity."

Optimal iQ uses the Click Forensics™ Rating Engine to track clicks utilizing a patent pending algorithm incorporating behavioral, technical, and market attributes to review and score each click to a website. Click ForensicsVersion 3.5 ( combines several enhancements in report generation, user management, and search provider integration. The system estimates dollars lost based on the actual number of paid clicks and cost-per-click data through direct contact with the top two search providers.

Optimal iQ works closely with clients to acquire online advertising data, which is processed through the Click Forensics system. The Summary report identify threat level by term, campaign, time period and search provider, and they will alert the client to potential fraudulent activity. The Detail reports show each click along with attributes used to determine the threat level. The reports are available for download or in a report library. Email alerts are also sent out to subscribers once any sign of click fraud is detected based on user defined settings.

Optimal iQ functions as an independent third party deriving no income based on the level of click fraud detected. The Company's patent pending monitoring tool has been designed by long time interactive advertising industry veterans who understand the patterns, behavior and characteristics associated with click fraud. Through comprehensive research, Optimal iQ monitors the three key attributes of technical (anonymous proxy server identification, IP validation, cookie-to-IP validation and origination source, etc), behavioral (visit depth, viewing patterns, trend analysis and time between clicks, etc), and market (number of bidders, trend in term cost, competitive pressure and term value, etc) characteristics. All attributes have a direct effect on the click fraud level and are closely measured on an ongoing basis ensuring constant accurate reporting results.

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